New & Old & Twisted!

I have some news….I am getting old!
Over all  the Halloween preparations and early winter events I begun confusing months !
My newsletter suddenly said ” October ” , The Group Gift I tagged November  …. Though it is , in fact,  still September.  I hope I found all those cheeky slips and corrected them accordingly.

And I have photos for you.

New Released @ Lilith’s Den :

These are six Fairy Palm Trees in 2 colors.
Each is single available and of course as set. As usual they go on new release special offer on the countdown board – this time for a week because I sort of missed the weekend .

LD Fairy Palm Tree set of six

For the Vendor Pics I went by the way to my old beloved home , Oubliette – some of you may still remember my store – cave there. It is currently under major reconstruction, and as to expect, does already look amazing. It has still the good old Oubliette feel to it, thanks to the most adorable and skilled Saiyge Lotus (Balderdash) , who does an amazing job, as usual. I strongly recommend to visit Oubliette and its neighbor Ode!

I couldn’t resist here.
See the tiiiinie line , the elf there standing on the stairs? The build is that HUGE!

Oubliette September 2015

And then I managed to come up with a September Group Gift. Again ! Apologies for the failure of last month where I promised two, but only provided one Gift ( though in 4 colors). The month suddenly was due ..and as you might notice, this month is almost due as well. That is…. only to explain with a lot more RL than good for SL, and a lot more Events and Hunts that I take part in than originally planned.  Good for you though, as it actually means more gifts.

LD Fairy Palm Tiara Group Gift

Tiara comes in 2 colors with deletable resizer script. Really, please do everyone inclusively yourself a favor with checking all your clothes and attachment for those nasty lag monsters and remove them after resizing. And throw a complaint in  IM or NC to all those designers using resizer scripts that are not coming with the delete option.

Else : Twisted Hunt (Fall) has started !

A huge YEHAW and a ton of fun ahead! Visit
to learn about all locations and the start sim.
There comes a new Elemental Wisp Avatar as Hunt Prize :


Annnnd a Twisted Gacha :

Lilith's Den Twisted Hunt Fall 2015 Gacha

And 49L$ new release offer on special sale vendors during the Twisted Hunt:

LD Yin Yang Beads

Prize Portal is filled with Twisted Freebies as well. Every day a new Gift , and one chance to play after each Midnight.

Now I go pack the prize for the upcoming “Along comes a Spider ” Hunt.  Pictures are coming in one of the next Blog Posts 🙂

Until then :

Nuts and Laughter!


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