Lilith’s Den @Art in Hats 2015 & Fair Play

The whole October was bumpy ! I’ve been very busy with preparing for Halloween,  Fair Play and Arts in Hats 2015, as well as the Krampus Quest, so that I did not get to post about all the Hunt Gifts and Halloween specials at and by Lilith’s Den.  Luckily others ( thanks to the bloggers! ) did, and my newsletter at least was kept almost precisely up to date.  Now lets catch up with the upcoming and ongoing fun :

Fair Play…

…is the new shining sales event star on the grid.
It is different. It has an amazing dedicated and creative coordinator (Kaleidos of Other Skins) and is what it promises : Fair. Above all it is extremely fun behind the scenes. Here it is not all just about commerce but about community in Second Life.

Let me quote from  @ :
“Pay attention because a new event is entering the grid! Fair Play is not only great fun but it also supports two outstanding charities such as the American Cancer Society and Team Fox For Parkinson’s Research. Each sale will be split 10% – 50% to these foundations! What are you going to find here? A permanent fantasy fair with designs inspired by games! The current game is called “The Forgotten Game” and this round ends on November, 27th.Teleport to Fair Play  //  Fair Play Blog

Here showing my exclusive Item that I started to create in 2014 and finally got to release:

LD Hairpins Sylvan Pride exclusive taggedThe round just opened. See the catalog here :

Art in Hats 2015

I have no idea what kind devils been involved – but you find Lilith’s Den listed amongst top level designers in a famous SL fashion event – for hats. Those designers that make your jaw drop for coming up with incredible creative designs.

Couture Chapeau, Hatter ‘n Hell, Stone’s Works, Elysium Skins & Mesh Apparel, Miss Darcy, Spyralle, Lyrical B!zarre Templates, {{BSD Design studio}}}}, Sonatta Morales, F I N ES M I T H, Sascha’s Designs, Bohemian Gypsy Couture, Epic Chromatic, Betty Tureaud, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Barry Richez, Macabre, E.V.E, Xen’s Hats, Pink Ice Boutique, K E L I N I, Romance Couture, Zanze, Snowpaws, Ghee, Deche, Paris METRO Couture, Whimsical Happenings, Lilith’s Den, The Happy Hat, Bliensen + MaiTai, Oddfish Studios, Chérie, BamPu Legacies, BlueMoon enterprise, Barbara Wardell, Cica Ghost, Sina Souza, Kynne Llewellyn, ApocketfullofButterflies, Brigittacoral, Paradox Messmer, ByrneDarkly Cazalet, Awesome Fallen, johannes1977 Resident, jamie86, Valsnia Resident, amandamagik Resident, Cold Frog, Burk Bode and Wizardoz Chrome.

Inara Pey writes on Modemworld : “Art in Hats will be returning to Second Life in November 2015, this year supporting the inaugural Team Diabetes of Second Life season in support of the American Diabetes Association.”

You find a permanently updating pool of photos showing the hats here on Flickr
Visit for schedule of events and all the important things to know

Oh and my 3 main entries :
LD Snow Queen CrownLD Celtic Moon Temple CrownLD Celtic SunTemple Crown

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC November 4, 2015 at 6 AM SLT
GRAND OPENING DAY November 7, 2015

Krampus – Your Christmas Nightmare deserves an extra post where I will give away all hints.   show some pictures of the story locations and gifts.  Did I mention that it started already ? It started already ! 🙂 

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