Art in Hats: Lilith’s Den

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Lilith’s Den is an unusual store. It’s tagline is “All you don’t need from creepy to silly.”

LD Celtic Sun Temple Crown

It’s the sort of attitude that lends itself well to hat making, especially hats that are more artistic than utilitarian.

Alrunia Ahn is the owner of the store and the designer of three hats that will be available at Art in Hats from Nov. 4 through 14.

Some of the categories of items in her store include: Knick-Knack, Oracles, Nordic, Plants, Carpets, Trays, Music Boxes…and yes, HATS.

But the hats you see in this blog you can’t get in her store. You’ll have to go to Art in Hats, which benefits Team Diabetes of SL.

LD Snow Queen Crown

The first two hats, LD CELTIC SUN TEMPLE CROWN and LD CELTIC MOON TEMPLE CROWN are similar in appearance with different textures.Both are styled like fascinators, with the main body of the hat coming up off a curved-diamond-shaped crown that sits on the head. The texture is carefully detailed with rune-like drawings that evoke the Celtic part of the name. The hats are really delightful to look at in that the more you examine them, the more the details come out. The edges of the top of the hat shine with a bronze/gold. These hats are available for 199L.

The third hat is called LD SNOW QUEEN CROWN and it is perfect for those dark winter nights. To get the full effect of this hat, I recommend wearing it in a midnight setting where the shimmering, filigreed strands can stand out to the greatest effect. They shine like snowflakes. It makes a great majestic crown for any snow queen out there. This hat is available for 249L.

LD Celtic Moon Temple Crown

Blog Post  by see the original here :

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