The House of Christian Kind

The sign by the door says “Christian Kind History & Arts”.
A soft melody is to hear from inside and welcoming candlelight shines through some of the windows.  But the mailbox is full and newspapers and milk bottles pile up in front of the door. The welcoming feel  crumbles and the door is locked. You came here to learn how to escape your own nightmares that are said to become true before the year is over. You need to talk to Christian Kind for he is said to be an expert for all matters relating Krampus.  With some luck and witty mind you might find the door key…

Krampus - The House - PageKrampus – Your Christmas Nightmare photo documentation one

Clicking the Images opens a new tab where you can see them full size
Krampus - The House - EntranceKrampus - The House - CorridorKrampus - The House - Hidden RoomKrampus - The House - Staircase Krampus - The House - Dining RoomKrampus - The House - BibliothekKrampus - The House - CellarKrampus - The House - AtticKrampus - The House - 2nd Floor

and here the proof that the house is indeed haunted:

Krampus - The House - The..


The Krampus


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