Projector Room – Bryn Oh, The Gathering

I spent all yesterday when ever RL allowed me to exclusively at The Gathering @ .

As usual with Bryn Oh Installations, it is recommended to not only rush through and see the obvious – but to look inside, behind and find the hidden secrets and buttons.  I walked up walls, climbed stairs, ran away from nasty but pretty balls. And although I feel like having seen all, I will make sure to go back and find more- and I know, I will.

So once I thought for the third or fourth time yesterday, to have seen all – I found that room. And a good looking male avatar standing there, in front of a pretty background, like being part of it!  -which immediately teased me to catch via screenshot.

Mr. S @  Projector Room  1 / Bryn Oh - The Gathering
Admittedly at first I assumed to face one of the Art Bots like at Obedience, but .. he talked! Being a true Flickr follower and Fan of his Artwork, I am amazed to have met Mr S. in person. Sort of… in pixel person even.

Mr. S @  Projector Room  2 / Bryn Oh - The Gathering
Once on it, I couldn’t resist  to play a bit and make my own pixels part of the room.

Runa @ Projector Room 1 /Bryn Oh - The Gathering

Runa @ Projector Room 2 /Bryn Oh - The Gathering
My thank to Mr S. for being there and inspiring, and Bryn Oh for yet another amazing and again surprising art installation.

When you go visit ( and please, do) :
– Bring time
– Hit OK and accept the experience
– Set WL to region default- Follow all graphic setting instructions
– Have sound on
– Think outside the box

Teleport to The Gathering

The Gathering is open since December 1st.…

The Gathering by Bryn Oh

The Gathering is a new contemporary artwork by Bryn Oh. Learn more at or watch machinima at

Visit in Second Life


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