Fantasy Cream

Fantasy Cream:

The Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier (MFGC) and Dandelion Daydreams Factory are proud hosts to the second Fantasy Cream.

What started in 2009 (by the genius minds of Luna Barak and myself  ) as a handy list of stores for Medieval Fantasy Roleplay needs , grew to one of the best known long-time newsgroups of the medieval fantasy genre.

To keep it fun and interesting we started to host the seasonal Fantasy Cream- a Show-Off Market – Contest with a little scavenger hunt for and with a selected number of Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier Merchants.

There are delicious creamy tasty exclusive products on the voting board.
The voters as well as the merchants taking part have the chance of winning prizes!

Teleport to Fantasy Cream

Fantasy Cream has an own blog now too :

And its advised to join the MFGC Group
(secondlife:///app/group/17095f80-0a34-2f05-f4ce-d480ee27fb5f/about) to track the Event dates and try to lure additional hints for the hunt out of someone 🙂

Luna and I made exclusive creations as well- but we are naturally, as hosts, not taking part in the contest. This shouldn’t keep you from getting those neat nice price Snowflake Tear-Piercings I made:

LD -  Snowflake Tear Piercing - Fatpack Fantasy Cream Exclusive

LD -  Snowflake Tear Pearcing - Silver -  Fantasy Cream ExclusiveLD -  Snowflake Tear Pearcing - Mother of Pearl -  Fantasy Cream ExclusiveLD -  Snowflake Tear Pearcing - Gold -  Fantasy Cream ExclusiveLD -  Snowflake Tear Pearcing - Antique  -  Fantasy Cream Exclusive


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