The Ghost Town

MadPea  provides in cooperation with Firestorm :
The Ghost Town
Launch of the Firestorm Gateway  and the Game “The Ghost Town” was Saturday  the 19th December, along with a party. Unbelievable how many people can be in 1 sim same time. Amazingly I crashed only 2 times and also got to see and hear Seth (aka Mankind Tracer) again. Yehaw 🙂

Ghost time
I happen to have stumbled upon the game area a few days ago -per accident, when I went to look at the new gateway of Firestorm- and I just loved the feel and look of it. At this point I didn’t know that this would be be the game area. Then upon coming closer I felt..this MUST be The Ghost Town… and it was.

The Ghost Town - YardEven if you are not wanting to play the game, its worth a look and is certainly a wonderful photo location ! Definitely though make sure to have sounds on and set to local WL settings.
The Ghost Town - Photo Location
I always want to play and  so I  ran to do it on Sunday.
It’s something you have rarely happen  – that you find exactly what you expect.  Okay, not all too fair since I had this sneak peek prior launch, but even without … MadPea provides exact what mad peas (the fans ^^) expect.
The Ghost Town - Dead End
Since the game is designed to introduce new residents to Second Life , I tried to -as far as possible – see the game through newcomer eyes. So in fact thanks to the experience key that you should accept on first entry , everything happens automatically and smooth.
HUD attaches, text appears, there is not many clicks you need to do – and those you need to do, you know instinctively and then you are already fully in middle of the intriguing story.

The rewards
I am very very very very! proud to be accepted as one of the 20 vendors to welcome new residents to Secondlife with gifts as reward for playing the free game. And of course; old residents can, should and certainly do play the game as well!
I did.
I enjoyed.
Now its your turn 🙂

The Ghost Town - Richard

Where to play :

How to Play :

All prize contributions:

My prize contribution:
LD - ELEMENTAL WISP AVATAR -  Ghost Town Spirit 1024LD -  Ghostly Typing Overwriter - Ghost Town Bonus 1024


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