Norns and Runes

Some of you might have noticed that I took a little break from SL after the Holidays.
All the sales events and Hunts in November / December 2015 pretty much exhausted me. It was a permanent running after deadlines and I produced new products nonstop.

Then came Christmas. Family. Then came New Year. Family. Then came the major flu of flu one can get. I missed deadlines! I didn’t exactly know what day, what date, what planet I am on.

Now that’s all over and I am back to chasing deadlines 😉
A promise I gave to myself though for this year: Take up no more than I can without feeling exhausted again. SL must remain being fun and not turn out into major headache.

So, my first new release in 2016 (among a few hunt prizes) is exclusive made for and introduced at Fair Play : Verdandi Bracelets and Ring , in 3 materials plus one Fatpack.

LD Verdandi Bracelets and Ring -Silver FP FeaturedLD Verdandi Bracelets and Ring -Antique FP FeaturedLD Verdandi Bracelets and Ring -Gold FP Featured
click the pictures to see them in large on flickr.

They come copy mod, 100% Original Materials, Original Design, Original Mesh, Sim Friendly, No Animal Got Harmed During the Making, 100% Runa-ish and are exclusive and at 30% off during Fair Play in February.

More about Fair Play:

1- 27 February 2015

This Fair Play round (February!) is about the Rune Isa..
Where is the relation, pretty please, you ask?

Þaðan koma meyjar
margs vitandi
þrjár, ór þeim sal
er und þolli stendr;
Urð hétu eina,
aðra Verðandi,
skáru á skíði,
Skuld ina þriðju;
þær lög lögðu,
þær líf kuru
alda börnum,
örlög seggja.

Translation: Thence come maidens – much knowing – three from the hall – which under that tree stands; – Urd hight the one, – the second Verdandi, – on a tablet they graved, – Skuld the third; – Laws they established, – life allotted – to the sons of men, – destinies pronounced.

Well, Isa embodies the second Norn Verdandi.

There you go 🙂


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