Pink Period

I blame the Pink Chicken of Jinx for my recent colorful trip.

It started pretty harmless with the release of some “Oculus Fungi and Flori”.
I had them basically ready sometimes in early fall last year. Totally off-season I waited eagerly for the right event and the right time to release them.

LD Oculus Fungi Fatpack FC
And now, the event and time  has come!
They are exclusive available at FANTASY CREAM , The 3rd round of the Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier  Market- Contest – Hunt , for as long as it lasts ( until 18th of April).
Each version in the Fatpack can be purchased separately.

From there things became “funny”. As hunt gift I made Antennae, matching the Oculus Flori. Then came Peggy and Oggy :

LD Oggy and Peggy FC
Obviously very Easter inspired –  the pink chicken lays by the way eggs when someone bumps into you while wearing it ..but back to MY products : Peggy and Oggy are an Extra for an amazing low prize with amazing low Landimpact.

As this years big Easter release I decided for an Ostera inspired Set of Nordic Totem Poles. A Hen and a Rabbit with each an Egg…looking like this:

LD Nordic Poles Ostara
The two poles come for the prize of 1 pole – the eggs come each in 3 colors. Dark, Blue and Green. So that’s actually 6 poles. But I packed a Small and a Big size of each ( just because) so that’s 12 all together. Of course I could have simply added texture changer… but hey, we love lag free sims, don’t we?

Later on I might separate them – but for now, they come as pair. For the prize of 1. 🙂
By the way, they are not linked to the egg, but made in one piece.

So, and since I needed some Easter display for my Easter sale , I made this :

easter egg display fullpermission

Available at Second Life Marketplace  & Lilith’s Den

Left to hope that my creative period continues. I still have the Group Gift of this month to make and then comes Fantasy Faire!


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