Time for the next round of Fair Play – Emerald City. April1 – April 27

And its not just some new round…it is the Birthday round , because Fair Play celebrates its first Birthday. One year Fair Play , this smells of cake and presis!
The ‘playground’ is filled up -and I mean ! FILLED up ! –  with amazing creations by amazing brands.
Of course Lilith’s Den is among this amazing-ness.

I need to give an extra pointer towards the dress I am wearing for the pictures:
Its the Aisling Wheat by BlueMoon enterprise.(
I saw it and couldn’t believe how well the colors match! See it? Its an amazing match!
The store in world :

Being at it : The Verdandi Bracelets ( by Lilith’s Den ) make it complete.

Runa posing with an Emerald Guard @ Fair Play
Visit :
Runa At Fair Play Selfi With Dragon 

I made crazy cool Wire – Framed Horns with a HUD where you can choose between several textures for both, the frame and the horns themselves. Also you can choose between switching off just the horns, just the wire or even both. I named them andúnë , which  is the poetic word for “sunset”, “west”, or “evening” in Quenya.

LD Andùne Wireframed Horns
For the Jewel Gacha I made matching accessories to attach to the eyes and forehead  plus make-up tattoo layer. Forgive me that I am not joining the x+ appliers madness.
I go by system layers. Or don’t forgive me..up to you.

Jewel Gacha is by the way a one of its kind Gacha !

The first “Team Gacha” in Second Life!!

Fair Play - Emerald City - Fantasy & Gothic Charity Event - Jewel Gacha Hunt - MARCH 2016
How it works:
All Fair Play Designers made ONE Gacha item.
You pay the Jewels and get randomly ONE of the items.

LD Andùne Pretty Accessoirs And Make Up

And finally my Birthday Gift for Fair Play :
Gem Earrings and Necklace in Fair Play respectively Emerald City colors.

LD fair play birthday gift

See you at Fair Play !



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