Quick & Dirty

The plan for 2016 was : No stress! No hunting after deadlines, no more than 1 event per month.
I failed on myself in most criminal way and started in middle of way ! too many events (hunts, fairs, special ceremonies and plenty of charities ) to redesign my whole store.

So, first off : MEGA SUPER SALE
I emptied Lilith’s Den and put everything outside by the landing on 30% and 50% Discount
Also taking part in this 30L Saturday round – and put 5 items out for 30L.
The sale will take place effectively as long as I need for redesigning. Depending on my mood and available time that can go pretty rapid or extremely slow. I personally hope for rapid 🙂

Secondarily : You find Lilith’s Den @ the Castle Home and Garden Contest Faire
Mega Event. Tons of Parties and the likes and a hunt. I Have been too busy to post the new item(s) –  its two pretty standing stones in gold and moss- and a Celtic Cross as hunt item, and a new Wisp as RFL donation.

Third off : I totally forgot that I had applied for the Twisted Summer Sale. ( starting 1st of June) Thus I am right now busy working on crazy amazing Hippie Flower Power fun stuff for RFL and Gacha and other new releases. (YAY)

There are 1-3  upcoming hunts…
Also … I have my hands on 2 parcels for the upcoming SLBirthday Celebrations.
That is for once with Luna for Dandelion Daydreams Factory and also with Chri for WoRPG & MFGC.

Finally , Fair Play in June. (1st – 27th June )
You know, I miss the flexi gowns that flutter happily in the wind and twirl around legs when dancing- But also I love rigged Mesh – thus I combined a nice mesh corset with a flex skirt in 2 colors.
They go exclusive for Fair Play during June , but also I am working on 2 Flower Power versions for the Twisted Summer Sale. (going to write an extra post about that)

clicking the images opens them in large on Flick

LD  Petal Accessoire - Fair Play Jewel Gacha
LD Pauper Princess Gown BL

LD Pauper Princess Gown Red

And a PS in case you have been able to read the whole lot until here:
During Fantasy Faire 2016 I put a new Wisp Avatar Version in the Hunt, with a nice decent but interesting texture changing on the “wings” . Unluckily there was a script error. I was able to fix that and replace the item quite early while the Hunt was running and a Notice was sent during the Faire – but likely not many have actually seen it- So, if you are one of the unlucky who got the first one with the script error : Send me a NOTECARD , add the transaction ID ( you find that at https://accounts.secondlife.com/transaction_history and I get the fixed Avatar to you !



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