It’s Twisted ( )

Oh yes, indeed, it is Twisted and it is a Hunt and it has a reputation as
THE hardest hunt in Second Life.
And know what? It IS THE HARDEST HUNT IN S….. it really is.

But it is not only that it is the hardest also is one of the oldest and also one that is free and also ! THE one with the most active 24/7 chat in Second Life, even ! between the hunt dates.  Its a must. Get it? You do need to do it, if ! you are a hunter. If not…. don’t read on.

The hunt gift I made is this :

- clicking the images will open them on Flickr in new window. 
- I am a fan of "Like" and "Share" buttons *winks*

Lilith's Den - Inverdur -  Celtic Ogham Elements Stone
Its hidden somewhere around my store. The most current hint is in the twisted easel 🙂

There is 3 gifts to find due solving riddles in the ” Path of Divination ”
– a side hunt area I set up for the Twisties. You get there through the portal at Lilith’s Den.
Twisted Hunt Is Coming !

The biggest of the 3 Gifts is this :
Lilith's Den  - Divination Rune Oracle Gate
If you need hints…ask Olgard. She sits up there and awaits you.

Then there is the final gift for Twisted Survivors. That is -you- if you finish the hunt.
LD Chakra Pyramid
I admit, this is a “Omg must have ” *grins*

I also made an Avatar
Lilith's Den  - Divination Spirit AVATAR - TH 2016
On nice price sale for only 49L until the end of the Hunt.
And yeah its another “OMG must have ”

Gachas !
Yes, in twisted Hunt we do Gachas as well.
For Hardcore Twisties:
Twisted Divination gacha key

And oooh more weathered signs :
Divination gacha

Twisted Blog :

And by the way, can you guess?
The Theme is : Divination, the color is blue.


Happy Hunting !


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Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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