The Big Revision of Innsmouth , SL

Fans and inhabitants raise their desperate voices that are faintly to hear through the mists covering Innsmouth “Why cant I enter/leave the town? ” , “What happened to my beloved Innsmouth?” and ”  Lemme iin!” and “Lemme out!” .

A big sign at the towns entrance tells that due an Epidemic Outbreak
Innsmouth is put under Quarantine :


Reliable Background Information :

Since February 23, Wednesday night SLT or Thursday morning, Innsmouth region is being put under limited access.

Expected Duration is 1-2 weeks.

“What this means…


During the locked time of revision project, the Visitor Center parcel will remain open to all, with the “main sim” area otherwise merged into one parcel and accessible only by estate managers and possibly “Innsmouth Preservation Society” group.”


No, it certainly does NOT. Forget about this funny gossip:)

“In general, the ongoing policies regarding Innsmouth’s longtime purposes will remain.  However, there will be more focus on encouraging the adherence to the region’s theme of being the town as found in the time soon following the Federal raids at the end of the story “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” for design and roleplay environment.
Innsmouth is to remain a place open for all to enjoy regardless of coming as visitors, tourists, event attendees, roleplayers or other interest.  However, the general “main town” is being tailored to become more focused on Innsmouth from the post-story perspective.
It is hoped that all will enjoy the results of the coming days, and all constructive comments are welcome.”

Seems we all have to sit and wait contently for the time being, like him:




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