Exhausting and Satisfying

Hey, its about time for an update.

You might think I am too lazy to write here. Truth is, I am too ‘all over the place’ most of the time to focus on proper posting. RL first, that’s pretty challenging since I picked up a new job. Things might calm over time, we shall see. And then SL…. bloody hell, I thought I would never manage to meet all the deadlines for the upcoming October !

It takes me about a week focusing on a theme to come up with the one idea that feels right…then another to begin creating, then few days to improve, polish and finish and then a day to properly box it up, make pics, promote, set vendors, decorate the demo booth …eventually setting up at the event location. And that’s only the Exclusive item. Along that way I get ideas for future items, note them down, come up with Gift and Prize ideas and using the creative breaks to create them, polish, box, etc … So there comes always that point where I am multitasking, switching between projects, quickly setting up for an unexpected event or something that slipped my attention. Its pure chaotic madness, and I admit, I totally love it. Its exhausting and satisfying same time. Sounds familiar? Yeah !

This being said, though I am silent, I am very creative and productive these days.

I found a new toy to play with, an addon to blender that helps creating humanoid characters. So it makes no wonder that 2 products that are available in October are NPCs.

I am truly in love with this kid, gender unknown, fate unknown, parents unknown. But pretty much between dead and alive. It is my exclusive for Ironwood Hills Haunting


That’s enough of time spent on writing – I go back to being creative. I throw the vendor pics in my flickr pool https://www.flickr.com/photos/mandragora-lilith/ feel free to follow me there.


About Runa The Wild Elf

Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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