About Isle of Dee [RIP]

Dee is Different, Dee is Unique, Dee is Dee
Often copied, never reached

The Isle of Dee was a community of Celtic Folk Lore Livestylers and Artists,
We moved on and are now to find at Dandelion Daydreams Factory There you can take part in quests and hunts and hangout and relax and enjoy the sim,
but Runa the Elf retired from Roleplay in Second Life ; maybe to fully concentrate on creating more Quest Adventures for you ?

The Past :

Time         : 1400’s
Theme: Celtic Historical/Medieval  Fantasy
Main Language : English  (translators at the entrance)
Isle Of Dee is a multicultural, European heavy community, with residents and guests from all over the world.

The Stores

Aside of our own, The Wishbringer and Lilith’s Den,
we are proudly presenting a variety of  Quality Labels at the Isle of Dee,
as there are( A-Z ) :
– Evie’s Closet
– Elvenhome Designs
– Fable Workshop
– Fantavatar
– Goddess Fantasies
– Kittycat’s Creations
– Lacrime dell’anima
– Lilith’s Den
– Moonstruck
– Oblivion
– Rayheart
– Soedara
– Suki’s Silken Fashion
– Swan
– Sweet Revolutions
– United InshCon
– Virtual Ryukyu
– Wishbringer
– Wonderland Creations

The Events

Come and enjoy our quarterly Street Fair, seasonal festivities, occasional parties, concerts, and other Events. Please subscribe or join our group inworld if interested in being informed about them.

The (Adventure ) Hunts & Quests

We have at least one permanent, and occasional changing Quests preprepared for you, as well as providing and taking part in grid wide Hunts so they meet our liking / theme.
Please subscribe or join our group inworld if interested in being informed about them.

The Hotspots

Abandoned Basket Bakery
Art Gallery
7Seas Fishing
Boats Tour
Cafe Belle
Combat Arena
Dance Dell
Dressing Room
Elven Forest
Fairy Garden
Garden of Roses
Guest House
Gypsy Camp
House ‘o’ Gacha
Horse Riding
Jumble Sale
Kite flying
Love Grotto
Mad Hatter
Unseelie Cave – Party Stage
The Cheese Store
The Honey Shoppe
The Park
The Troll Pit
The Rental Tower
Witches Circle