Isle of Dee Guestbook-  Let the world know you were here!

This is just a selection from over 300 entries. To read the WHOLE lot, you might want to visit the lobby where you find the guestbook. You can comment here of course as well.

(2010-05-16 04:20) Iloura Noel: ‘Love it ^_^’
(2010-05-19 21:35) Gallowaygirl24 Iadyl: ‘Rad Love it!’
(2010-05-25 08:49) dyanne089 Erin: ‘this is a little bit creepy’
(2010-06-26 04:34) Kerah Frimon: ‘A wonderful place to relax.’
(2010-07-01 05:50) Faith Larkspur: ‘I Love this castle! Well done indeed! – Faith’
(2010-07-05 23:37) Lilith Tisane: ‘COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
(2010-07-07 11:35) Tori Zadark: ‘What a wonderful place Well done to all I will be back’
(2010-07-13 03:43) Beast Theas: ‘I just blow my load here, great work on the place’
(2010-07-13 16:35) Scarlett Rainfall: ‘The forest lured me to search on….the mist enveloped me into a sweet darkness.’
(2010-07-20 03:17) Xiang Malik: ‘This is one of the most beautiful places I have visited’
(2010-07-23 20:22) Ophelia Falconer: ‘I was here… love this place :D’
(2010-07-27 23:33) Chedira Ishtari: ‘Thank you! beautiful place.’
(2010-08-08 20:56) Daymo Christenson: ‘Love this place’
(2010-08-09 20:50) Fugi Osmus: ‘a real nice place but it should have some scary music on background’
(2010-08-13 01:47) Freesamples Mode: ‘Freesamples the ghost was here…with spooky love’
(2010-08-13 11:16) Spirit Artful: ‘Hi came here to get scared’
(2010-08-16 20:53) BellaBella Asalia: ‘messa runaway gal.. running aways fwom home.. is vewy scawy here!!! BooH! kewl!’
(2010-08-24 09:11) Kristen Lexington: ‘I come here for peace and quite’
(2010-08-29 00:18) Karina Vesuvino: ‘Awesome RP Sim’
(2010-08-29 23:44) neon Darkstone: ‘Awesome’
(2010-09-06 22:07) Gavin Nyoki: ‘Gavin-Rah was here for the views. :)’
(2010-09-16 03:46) Pauline Windlow: ‘Hi! wopnderful place…thank you’
(2010-09-16 03:47) Tho Millgrove: ‘This is a fun place to explore!’
(2010-09-19 01:10) Elusive Mistwalker: ‘Really cool place!’
(2010-09-19 21:53) JonBoy Sharkfin: ‘This place is aswome’
(2010-09-23 15:55) Sherpa Ravenheart: ‘Looking forward to a fun adventure here!’
(2010-09-30 02:14) Dealer Lyric: ‘this sucked’
(2010-10-03 06:32) strange1 Core: ‘visiting for the first time ..great place’
(2010-10-03 06:33) Rose Cortunix: ‘Rose Cortunix, very nice place’
(2010-10-07 04:34) Greywalker Frak: ‘This is an incredible place. I love the work done here. Just remember that which does not kill you makes you stronger.’
(2010-10-13 00:35) Chatte Ocello: ‘i love this place :))))’
(2010-10-13 00:36) Garlock Exonar: ‘am an OOC spectator love the sim looks wonderful’
(2010-10-18 15:27) CheysuliLir Restless: ‘Very impressed – great experience’
(2010-10-22 18:29) tatas Texan: ‘love this place’
(2010-10-27 21:46) Stormm Firecaster: ‘Stormm was here to explore and enjoy the beauty of Dee’
(2010-11-05 00:52) gothicthorn Stipe: ‘this place rocks’
(2010-11-08 00:30) Pyrus Soulstar: ‘rawr rawr raaaawwwwrrr’
(2010-11-09 18:16) Evilina Arriaga: ‘HI — just visiting! Awesome!!’
(2010-11-13 21:18) Blachos Stonesoul: ‘Blachos Stonesoul was here and will be here…’
(2010-11-20 16:36) shula Edenflower: ‘very mysterious’
(2010-11-24 15:18) Gork Arun: ‘nice here’
(2010-11-29 00:37) Maggie Xekri: ‘I came to search for holy water’
(2010-12-03 02:57) FrederiqueEilish McMillan: ‘Wonderful forest and castle, full of mystery.’
(2010-12-05 05:35) Artful Kidd: ‘Artful Kidd was here’
(2011-01-13 05:15) Leslie Littlething: ‘hi =) beautiful sim =) thanks, conrate, for bringing me =)’
(2011-01-14 22:28) SixtusAlpert Qarnac: ‘the people from celyddon saw here :)’
(2011-02-06 18:28) BelAmi Runningbear: ‘Thank you for this amazing place! BelAmi’
(2011-02-06 21:39) Moz Morane: ‘Moz Morane,, enjoying life here :-)’
(2011-02-12 07:46) SuperVac Parabola: ‘Nice castle!’
(2011-02-28 03:12) Bjorn Swordthain: ”obgoblin, out fer a stroll!’
(2011-04-07 17:14) Lorien Darkward: ‘Just exploring – love the passageways’
(2011-04-15 08:33) Ken Adored: ‘An interesting Sim a great place to explore’
(2011-04-17 01:11) Pandora Fireguard: ‘We made it out alive.’
(2011-04-20 01:56) summerbreeze Fray: ‘I am Summer visitor here and exploring the castle’
(2011-04-30 12:29) Ferros Resident: ‘A wonderful and eerie castle. Perhaps I shall yet discover more of it’s secrets!’
(2011-05-04 00:16) FrancescaFalling Resident: ‘Hey yallz, This place is creepy :)’
(2011-05-10 02:59) Jarik Resident: ‘returning after many years….good to see the pkace has not chnaged’
(2011-05-10 07:07) Takahiro Ugimachi: ‘Takahiro was here, great sim!’
(2011-06-06 06:45) SpencerCadence Resident: ‘Beautiful City, this Dee.’
(2011-07-06 16:43) katie Serin: ‘what a lovely place this is’
(2011-07-09 16:13) Ahab Quandry: ‘Ahab Quandry. Very Impressive.’
(2011-07-12 02:47) Kawanii Resident: ‘The puzzles in the abandoned castle are amazing, They are so much fun to figure out! And i love the music box, its wonderful~’
(2011-07-13 06:03) Journey Plutonian: ‘Journey Plutonian – back for more adventure!’
(2011-07-17 17:13) evilsins1 Resident: ‘friends when you find this note this means i am in stuck with in a room some were please come and help me the room is on the top floor with a skull on the front’
(2011-07-31 20:05) Guthrig Resident: ‘Comed to take a look Guthric’
(2011-10-29 17:11) Chance Baddingham: ‘Love the Isle of Dee’
(2011-11-28 15:38) Galaxy Arrowmint: ‘Hello Dee! I’m home!’
(2012-01-03 03:41) Nyal Resident: ‘Hello I like all the changes here’
(2012-01-11 11:22) timmay27 Doobie: ‘The Dark Lord returns to haunt all’
(2012-02-16 20:31) Elsbeth Garnet: ‘hmmm.. lets see…’
(2012-02-19 00:49) Xavier Seferis: ‘Ahh,the Isle of Dee, how much has changed! Fun! x’
(2012-05-07 21:26) amandyna Saenz: ‘nice and magical place i need take a lok here’
(2012-05-13 00:35) riven Nootan: ‘Riven was and is here’
(2012-05-15 15:24) NurseAJ Hotshot: ‘Very nice Midevil sim i will always come back and explore’
(2012-05-16 15:28) Lex Zimmer: ‘The Isle of Dee is a VERY fun place to roleplay in the fullest form.’

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