Cryer Manual

Help the Reporters of Dee!
Whatever IC information and gossip you have to share, let it be known!

Your Input for the next Isle of Dee Newspaper:

> here your text <


[   ]  Signed – “Your Character (IC)  name here”
[   ]  Anonymous


Create a notecard or use the one attached to every Cryer Issue.
Write your input.
Save it!

Drag it from your inventory onto the Cryer Box. Done!

The Cryer dispenser are at the lighthouse, city-hall, the tavern in the wizard tower and 2 are in the lobby. Drag the input from your inventory onto the Dispenser.  You receive a text saying that it was successful sent to the Editor

– WHAT  –

* Poems
* Gossip
* Hearsay
* Testimony
* Rumour
* IC request
* Announcement
* Statement
* Declaration
* Other – what ever you think might be adding to the Roleplay


It’s solely the Editors’ decision what and how they publish.
You give us the bits – we make them edible.

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