Dragons (conditional)

Dragons in Dee are the European kind.  They hatch from eggs, and have four legs and a scaly, lizard-like appearance, bat-like wings, and the ability to breathe fire.  ((Variations MAY be considered on their merits, but please don’t count on it.))

They are creatures of the earth, connected to Gaia; and may be benevolent, neutral or evil.  They have a particular liking for treasure and shiny things, which they hoard in underground caverns.

They speak the dragon language, but can learn the common tongue. RP translators are not necessary. If there is a language barrier, rp it: learn by doing.

They are long lived, magical creatures, often associated with wisdom, but also with terror, domination, and the sacrifice of maidens.

In Dee, dragons have the ability to shapeshift into human form. Some have even been known to choose human form over their dragon form, and mainly live as human in order to be accepted into human society, for reasons of their own. Others are rarely seen in a form other than their dragon shape.

((Please note that bipedal dragon avatars are NOT allowed in Dee. The shapeshift form must be HUMAN.  You don’t have to shapeshift at all, of course, but it is necessary if you want to be able to participate in OOC events such as dances, or enter buildings in the rp.  All dragon avatars will be checked for appearance and tested for script timing before acceptance, and we won’t accept any who time at more than 0.5ms. For your information, the popular Seawolf dragon avatar is about 0.35ms.))

– Flight
– Ability to breathe fire
– Size and strength
– Armour-like scales over most of their body, impenetrable to most weapons.

– Greed, especially for treasures of precious metal and jewels
– Arrogance and ego – a great belief in their own invulnerability and superiority
– Their underparts are soft, and vulnerable to penetration by sharp weapons

Group: Dalharen d’Oloth, Hini tel’kemen Fea, or House of Alberic, depending upon your chosen alignment – evil, wild, or loyal to the Queen.