Elves – Dark, Surface Dwellers

The surface dwelling Dark elves in Dee are slender, not too tall. They have dark grey skin.
The hair on their heads is usually white, but occasionally red or black. They have no facial or body hair. Their eyes can be any colour except purple or reddish.

They live in the forest with the wild elves, and their goddess is either Gaia, the mother earth goddess; or Elistraee.

They speak the common tongue and/or Elvish, and/or the drow dialect. RP translators are not necessary. If there is a language barrier, rp it: learn by doing.

Dark Elves are long-lived beings. They are intelligent, easy to offend, feeling hated and excluded from other societies, therefore are reserved, cautious and sometimes offensive in return. They have very little trust in anyone. Fearing that other creatures will get the better of them somehow, they are always on their guard. They struggle with believing in themselves because of their underdark origin. They are outsiders, neither drow nor elf, and this makes them weak.  They can be gentle and caring, but can also be cruel and merciless.

Confronted on an equal or lesser footing with a being of greater power, dark elves will abase themselves to survive.

An elf has three names: their birth name (which becomes irrelevant when they are grown up), the name by which they are commonly known, and their ‘true name’. They do not tell their true name, as to know this name is to have power over them.

– Keen senses – especially hearing
– The ability to focus actively on the environment and a task
– Persistent awareness – they don’t need to stop to pay attention to something
– Immunity to sleep spells and effects
– Resistance to all other spells, nearly to the point of immunity
– Above average willpower
– High intelligence
– An affinity with animals – can communicate with, and sometimes control them
– An affinity with natural magic – all elves are magical beings
– Resistance to extremes of temperature
– The ability to move very fast, and silently (with training)

Elves normally don’t sleep. They can enter sleep if so desired. This is known as ‘The Reverie’

– Inferiority complex
– They have low resistance to disease
– They are proud, and easily offended
– They are compassionate
– Their empathy, if not well guarded, causes a weak mental state: panic, confusion, headaches, dizziness
– Claustrophobia – afraid of being trapped
– Fear of fire – it destroys their natural territory, the forest
– Hypersensitive ears – loud noises can make them temporarily deaf
– They are sensitive to alcohol and submit very quickly to its influence
– They can be commanded by any who know their true name

Group: Hini Tel’kemen’Fae