House Rules

July 2014 revision
 ©Isle Of Dee

Welcome to the Isle of Dee.
The Isle Of Dee is a Celtic Folk Lore Livestyle Community

The Project Isle of Dee exists since 2009
Everyone is heartily invited to explore, shop, hangout and be part of the community.

We offer an historic medieval lifestyle inclusively Celtic myths and legends  spiced with adventures and personal quests!

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Everyone can join the ‘Islander of Dee’ group  or subscribe to our Subscriber, in order to stay informed of news and events.

Quick Rules for Quick Starter:

We ask residents and visitors to show respect and tolerance to all who visit,
live and play here.. Whether you are a visitor, or resident in Dee,
there are some rules to follow in order to preserve the harmony
and well-being of our community.

1.   Respect and Tolerance – be respectful to each other, the sim and the theme.
2.   Sim maturity level is Moderate,  Mature behavior and  Common Sense is expected from you.
3.  Time & Place – Its the 1400’s, Celtic medieval historic England.
4.  Keep lag low –  Check your scripts.
5.  Roleplay & Combat – Optional, Freeform, Not moderated. General RP etiquette applies.

These rules are designed for the enjoyment of all participants on our sim, we reserve the right to change the rules when issues arise or Linden Lab change their terms of service.  The rules set forth are non negotiable and by remaining in the sim you agree to be bound by these rules. Ignorance is no excuse.

General Rules

1.    Terms and conditions.
Dee is a private mature sim, and we expect mature behavior.

2.    Respect and Tolerance.  Everyone on the Isle of Dee is required to behave respectfully towards others.  The respect we speak of refers to the humans behind the keyboard, the Sim and Community health and the carefully designed Theme .

2a.  It is forbidden to use the ‘display names’ feature of secondlife to impersonate another avatar.

3.    Griefing.  All griefing results in AR and possible banishment.  This includes, but is not limited to, harassment, gesture spam, use of enhanced weapons, OOC begging for money, inappropriate nudity, causing selfish drama: in short, any behavior that causes persistent offense to others.

4.    Private homes.  Real life rules apply.  An unlocked door is not a license to enter someone’s home or rented room.  You don’t go wandering into people’s homes or snooping through their windows in rl, so don’t do it here.  It’s just rude.

5.    Sex and nudity. Unjustifiable nudity and public sexual activity are unacceptable.  No displays of outrageous genitalia (exact, no prim bomb boobs either.).  No sexual ageplay of any kind.  Please keep sexual moments in IM, never in local chat, even within your own home.  Only Exception are the Dream Bubbles that come with the cottage Rentals.
No  Slavery.  Slavery goes against our personal limits. No chains, leave your collars at home and walk upright.

6.    Period & Character Appearance.

Clothing and accessories are complete up to you.
Wearing fantasy avatars or dressing in medieval costumes  is  optional.

7.    Pregnancy and Prim Babys.  You may pretend that your pixels are pregnant in Dee, but Prim attachments must be muted: neither the belly of the mother, nor the prim child, may speak in main chat or make any sounds.

8.    Finally…  If someone is behaving annoying, don’t turn it into a drama.  If asking nicely doesn’t work, simply mute them and step away.


To sum up – we are all grown-ups, living and playing a game together.  It’s meant to be fun – let’s keep it that way by playing fair, and showing tolerance and respect to others.

Whether you are a resident or  visitor at Isle of Dee,  follow the house rules  in order to preserve the harmony and well-being of our community.

We do believe they are easy to remember since they are all based on common sense.

Enjoy your stay!