How-To play disguised


When using the RP option of a  DISGUISE it is  EXPECTED that a real attempt is  made to actually disguise your character.  LOOK different. move, smell, voice… the way you talk… be creative  but stay realistic. A man would not grow/shrink bits,  an Ork not smell of flowers…you get the idea. Be creative along the options YOUR character would have.

You can set your title , in case you wear a meter that allows such, to ” in disguise” to help other players realize that they DO NOT recognize you on sight/per smell/ voice…etc – pre assumed you play it properly. If you forget to emote to smell different, how would they know?  ( again, you can  use your title for that as well )

Both parts, the disguised player as well as the characters playing with them, are expected to play realistically believable along theit in character skills and abilities.

Be a good sport with NOT trying just everything to “DETECT” and REVEAL the true nature of the disguised person. its just ruining the fun!