How-To Arrive at/ Leave the Isle

“The Isle of Dee  has become known as ‘The Forgotten Isle’, for it is often shrouded by mists, and washed by difficult currents: shipwrecks are a frequent occurrence, and the safe arrival of a captain who has mastered the route is a cause for celebration. And we don’t know exactly where it is … only that its said to be located in the Celtic Sea.”

But sometimes our characters need to travel, right? They may need to go on a mission, may need to see family in far realms (often good to use as reason for IC absence during RL vacations or Internet free times).

In order to keep things realistic, we have the docks and the row boats.  You can tp out at the docks (taking a row boat)  and return after an appropriate period of absence (tp back to the docks).

What does appropriate mean in this context?
A ship’s journey would take several IC days…so would a flight. (dragons, winged beings)
Consider your IC reasons for shorter or longer traveling carefully. Playing that you left the Isle for a time, realistically means at least several days. Otherwise play that you were caught up with something at home, had flu and couldn’t go out, or some other way of covering a short absence.

2 thoughts on “How-To Arrive at/ Leave the Isle

    1. follow the signs that say ” roleplay” . above the roleplay entrance is a huge sign saying ” roleplay entrance ” as well. once there you follow the corridor. As guest you take the guest door ( sign above, saying guest entrance ) as roleplayer you walk on through the roleplayer entrance ( it has a sign above, saying roleplay entrance ) and follow the red huge arrows from there.


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