How-To create RP

When first coming to a new roleplay realm – for example Dee – you may want to come up with a backstory for your character.
You maybe want a story that explains how you came to Dee, about who you are… and give others and yourself a chance to directly play.

The secret is: Start simple.
It is okay to not have a ready made self invented story that only exists for your own excitement.

You may want to bring in some bits to the RP that makes your own RP and that of others who play with you more rich.

* RP Creates RP *

The roleplay in Dee is interactive- vice versa giving and taking.
Every bit leads to other bits, every post should give others the opportunity to react to.
Don’t expect roleplay to come to you…. go out, play… and you will find it.
Every tiny detail, and be it minor, can be the seed for something big to follow.
So listen close to what others have to share… they give you all you need to react to and play along and develop your own character.

* How can you give more to the RP *

– What ever happens to your character –  do tell about …
… because  if you don’t, how would others know and be able to react to it?

– What ever your character does –  make sure to have witnesses …
… so others can react to your roleplay and can talk about – again; how would others else know that it actually happened?

–  What ever your character thinks – have your character say it aloud …
… or nobody can react to it. The other roleplay characters are commonly no mind reader – how would they know if your character did not say it. And just not say loud what one thinks but force others to anyway read what they cant react to is sort of… cheesy.

– What ever you wish to happen to your character – let fate decide rather than power game things that never in character happened …
… if you want something to happen to your character; do let it happen in the role-play. Sometimes it merely requires a bit of patience.  It’s not enough to say something happened especially when there are loads of other players around more that happy to join in your storyline.

And last but not least: Do roleplay with others instead of role-playing ‘at’  or ‘over’  them.