Isle Of Dee RP Academy

What is the Isle Of Dee RP Academy about?
Why should I bother to complete it and how does it work?

Everyone can do the Academy.
If you want to lead a group or faction at the Isle of Dee you – should– do it
And if an admin told you to do it you- better – do it.

1 – Roleplay is not the same everywhere. There are things you need to know about Roleplay in Dee that will help you to add positively to the experience of every player.
2 – Scheduled Roleplay Classes have the problem that you cannot be there on time, that you have to go afk during them, that you are distracted by IMs and other things. The academy gives you the chance to take your time, at your own pace.
3 – When you have graduated, you will be invited to the * Isle Of Dee RP Academy Graduates * player group and get a cool graduates texture for your profile.

Our roleplay is about development of our characters and storylines. The players in Dee are part of a community that has grown together and allows others to grow into it. The Academy helps us and you to achieve this goal.

The Academy Pack  you can pick up in the Lobby or read here at our Blog.  Once you’ve passed all three parts, you’ve made it!

You will receive a group invitation, to the Isle Of Dee RP Academy Graduates  and you can have a texture in your picks as proof of your graduation as a full graduate Isle of Dee player.


Step one – Read:

how to emote
how to create RP
How -To IC vs OOC
How-To Arrive at/ Leave the Isle

Basic RP 101 part 1/3

Step two – Roleplay at the Isle!

– roleplay a scene where you give someone else something to do
– roleplay a scene where you mention the fog around the isle
– do something that makes others talk about your character
– send an input to The Cryer
– copy the chatlog from the scenes onto a notecard, name it :
“Isle-of-dee-rp-academy 1/3 – your sl account name” and drop it in the Staff box in the lobby. ( )

Step three –  Roleplay at the Isle!

©Isle Of Dee
All rights reserved. Alrunia Ahn, Isle of Dee,   2012

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