Lycan Curse (conditional human state)

Lycan is NO RACE – it is the cursed human state of the werewolf legends:

Humans infected by the bite of a lycan. The condition of being Lycan MUST be the result of RP and MUST be played in a way to be healed or leading to character death due being killed.

They are shape shifters. In their human shape they are as they were before they were cursed. In lycan form they are powerfully muscled and covered with hair; with vicious claws and wolf teeth. Their hair and eyes are likely to be (though not always) the colour of their natural human hair and eyes.

The Avatar that we use for the Were form of Lycan is: 1st Act Avatar (

In their human form they are wretched outcasts, and have only blurred memories of their doings in were form.  They suffer nightmares, depression, panic attacks; and prefer hiding. It is likely that they end up as servants of the inhabitants of the underdark, as human and wyld societies would reject them.

In their were form they are raging beings, loners, hostile, agressive, bloodthirsty and hateful.

Shifting is extremely draining: it cannot be forced at will but is triggered by extreme anger; and once in raging were form the Lycan is stuck in it for 24 (RL) hours, unless it should fall asleep or become unconscious (in battle), or otherwise lose the rage. In these circumstances it will revert to human. Should it not revert for any of those reasons, after 24 hours of raging exhaustion will get the better of it, and it will revert regardless.

Shifting back to human form will have them in a weak state for at least 5 (RL) days, during which time they will not have the energy or chemistry (hormones) to feel the rage and turn Lycan.

(We are aware of the connection between lycan and the full moon; however, if the full moon is used as a reason for shifting, it must be related RL moon cycle)

It is possible for a lycan to be cured.The cure would involve regular taking of a potion, provided by St Vitus hospital, over a period of some months. Missing doses might cause the treatment to fail, and the course would have to be restarted. There would be side effects to the potion, but once cured the patient would be immune to the lycan curse for a lifetime.

– Higher than average physical strength
– Fast runners, excellent jumpers (No enhancers allowed; sl jumping is already of supernatural proportions)
– Excellent sense of smell, and tracking skills
– Natural weapons in the form of claws and teeth, multiplied by the muscles of the beast and the higher aggression create a perfect killing machine as needed

– Easily damaged by standard weapons
– Highly allergic to silver – wounds caused by silver weapons/silver introduced into a Lycan’s system will kill them if not quickly removed
– Slow thinkers, simple minds
– Fear of fire
– Sunlight blindness when in were form.
– Hot temper, easy to offend/easy to provoke their rage
– No mental defence against mind-control

(Please note that the above strengths and weaknesses apply to the were form. In human form they have the normal human strengths/weaknesses, though with extra sensitivity to sunlight, and fear of fire.)

Group: originally House of Alberic and later due logical RP result possibly Dalharen d’Oloth