Unseelie Fae

Creatures of Darkness. The Dark Side of Fae
The things your mommy tells the bad stories about from the darkest Nightmares. The origin of any being called ” demon ”

These, like the Light Fae, include a number of beings. In Irish and Celtic tradition these are the ‘Unseelie’. The definition of Unseelie in the old mythology is different from that popularized by modern games, and so we are calling them ‘Dark Fae’. They consist of the malicious and evilly inclined fae creatures that are hostile to other beings, especially to humans.  They have dark ideals, and are mischievous and often cruel. They will take and spoil that which is not theirs for no reason other than spite. They are, however, bound by any oath they may make, and won’t share their true name with any except someone they are bound to.

Folk in medieval times believed that Fae ( light and dark)  being the dead, or some subclass of the dead, that they were a class of “demoted” angels or that all fairies were demons.

There are several possible characters, species to play under the term “Unseelie”, and we only list a few here.

Dark Fae

The Dark Fae are magical long-lived beings, so-called immortals.

The most popular Dark Fae are slender, have long elegantly pointed ears, are naturally pale.  They have no facial or body hair. Their translucent eyes come in various colors. Fae are  considered hauntingly beautiful, Dark Fae even more so.

But there are ugly Fae as well, there range  of possible appearance can go from deformed to  extreme hairy, horned or hoofed. They can, but must not, have wings and can , but must not fly when having wings.

Common Fae Strengths that may but must not occur:
– Keen senses  – especially hearing. Can also see in total darkness, but not magical darkness
– High intelligence
– An affinity with magic  – all Fae are magical beings
– Resistance to extremes of temperature
– The ability to move silently
– Convinced to be superior and invincible
– They don’t need to eat or drink for long periods of time
– Glamour – power of illusion ( requires consent, does NOT include optical of appearance). Can only be held for a short amount of time (few seconds when far from their bond place, few minutes at their place)
– Size shifting – increase or decrease their size. This shape-shifting is proportional so that they cannot, say, make only one body part larger.  This is extremely draining and works only once a moon cycle and lasts only one hour.
– Negative Empathy – keen sense for negative emotions which they enjoy and often feed from
– Ego – They believe themselves to be a superior race, and if you say different you just woke their wrath.

Common Fae Weaknesses that may but must not occur:
– Metal – rings painful in their bones and disables their senses and limits their reactions.
– Bells sound – rings painful in their ears and disables their senses and limits their reactions.
– Shiny Objects – Fae are very susceptible to shiny objects and are often seen dressed in sequins and gems.
– Fast bored and easily distracted and therefore lack of attention and focus.
– Competition with Light Fae – They hate surface Fae, to the point of ruining a mission in order to hurt one
– Distrusting – for they cannot trust even their own kin
– Hypersensitive ears – Loud noises can make them temporarily deaf
– Low disease resistance
– They are easy addict and sensitive to alcohol and submit very quickly to its influence
– They can be commanded by any who know their true name
– Bound to a place that they have to stay close to – they weaken fast when being away from it.
– Extremely poor fighters, since they fear the fact that their physical body can be harmed and loose its beautiful look which they try so hard to maintain.

Dark Elves

The Dark elves that dwell in the underdark are sometimes referred to as drow . They are often slender, and shorter than most elves. Females are said to be both physically and mentally stronger than males, so the males tend to cower and be submissive to the females.
Their skin can be dark grey or black, their hair color usually is white, but occasionally pale silver or blond or even brown or red. They have no facial or body hair. Their eyes are purple or reddish, rarely, white or gold. Elves are considered hauntingly beautiful, Dark Elves even more so.

Most live underground, in caves.

They speak the common tongue or undercommon and/or the Drow-Elvish dialect. RP translators are not necessary. If there is a language barrier, rp it: learn by doing.

Dark Elves are long-lived beings, who often take a chaotic evil attitude. They may do anything they need to in order to get what they want, even if it means murder. They are said to be intelligent and arrogant, easy to offend (their greatest weakness), feeling hated and excluded from other societies, therefore to be aggressive, offensive and hateful in return.

Common Dark Elf Strengths that may but must not occur:

– Keen senses – especially hearing. Can also see in total darkness, but not magical darkness
– The ability to focus actively on the environment and a task
– Persistent awareness – they don’t need to stop to pay attention to something
– Resistance to all other spells, nearly to the point of immunity
– Above average willpower
– High intelligence
– An affinity with magic – all elves are magical beings
– Resistance to extremes of temperature
– The ability to move very fast, and silently (with training)
– An affinity with spiders which they can communicate and control

Common Weaknesses that may but must not occur:

– Light-blindness- blinded by sunlight briefly, suffer both physical and mental penalties while in the sun. – thus walk with eye protection (hooded) in daylight and prefer nights for their “hunts”
– Self-doubt – a lingering fear that they are not as superior as they believe
– Ego –  believe themselves to be a superior race, and if you say different you just started a fight
– Competition with surface Elves – hate for surface elves
– Distrusting
– Hypersensitive ears – Loud noises can make them temporarily deaf
– Low disease resistance
– Sensitive to alcohol

More known Unseelies to list only a few

The dark faeries are the evil counterpart to the light fae. They can vary from tiny to human sized, and there are males and females. They are usually winged, and may be beautiful or grotesque, but favour dark and sinister decoration on their clothing and persons.  Just as the light faeries are not always benevolent, neither are the dark faeries always evil. However, when forced to choose, they will always prefer to harm – rather than to help – humans.

Goblins have played a major role in the history of Dee. Perhaps that is why they are rarely seen, as the memory of their evil and treachery is large in the minds of the Deefolk.  They are small, ugly creatures, with greenish skin and angular features, with large eyes and noses, and pointy ears.  Their clothing is often a strange mix of styles, consisting of things they have scavenged. They have high pitched voices, and like to talk a lot, often seeming stupid because of their eccentric nature. However they are not unintelligent, and are excellent builders and tinkerers, and clever inventors. They are, however, vicious creatures, who like gratuitous violence and enjoy tormenting people, and each other; although they are weak fighters, and therefore like to be part of a gang. They move fast, and are well suited for hiding.

Orcs, at the dawn of time, were elves, who were taken by those involved in evil magic, and maltreated and corrupted. Now their elf heritage is long forgotten, and they are a species of aggressive carnivore. They like to live in tribes, hunting to survive, and ever seeking to enlarge their territory by driving off others.  They resemble shortish, primitive humans, with a stooped posture, snout noses, obvious canine teeth for tearing meat, and short pointed ears. Their grey-green skin is often covered in coarse hair, and their eyes have a reddish tint when they are in dim light. They can see in near darkness.  They wear garments of livid earth colours: blood red, rust, ochre, moss green, greenish purple, and dull brown; and dirty, rusty armour. They speak Orcish, a derivative of old human and elvish tongues. They can speak common tongue, but struggle with it.

A boggart is a household fairy, the dark equivalent of a brownie (see under Light Fae), which causes things to disappear, milk to sour, and dogs to go lame. Always malevolent, the boggart will follow its family wherever they flee. They are wingless, short and stocky, and dress in scruffy peasant clothing. Legend has it that a boggart should never be named, for when the boggart is given a name, it will not be reasoned with nor persuaded, but will become uncontrollable and destructive. Sometimes boggarts live under bridges and on dangerous sharp bends on roads, and harrass those who pass by.





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