Wild Elves

Wild elves in Dee are slender, not too tall. Their skin can be pale to tanned, and sometimes greenish.
The hair on their heads may be brown, red, blonde or, rarely, black, but they have no facial or body hair. Their eyes can be any colour except purple or reddish.

They live in the forest, and have a strong allegiance to Gaia, the mother earth goddess.

They speak the common tongue and/or Elvish. RP translators are not necessary. If there is a language barrier, rp it: learn by doing.

They prefer a simple life and life itself is their greatest source of pleasure.

Elves are considered hauntingly beautiful. Wild elves prefer to dress in simple clothing: they favor a simple cut to kilt or dress, set off by common embroidery in natural designs, usually in dark shades of green and earth tones to blend better with their natural surroundings.

They are particularly fond of leather dresses, and often decorate them with feathers, seeds, nuts and other natural things, rejecting the sort of jewelry which is preferred by humans, made of precious metals and stones. They love body arts, paintings, tattoos; and like to show skin.

They walk barefoot, and many like to wear wraps around their arms and legs. If they wear any footwear – usually only in winter – then it’s sandals and fine hand-crafted leather moccasins.

Elves are long-lived beings. Once they reach adulthood (90 human years) they show no visible signs of aging and never die of old-age. They may be killed by violence or disease. Usually elves tire of the mortal world at some point or suffer a broken heart and choose to die.

They are intelligent, empathic, extremely patient, superior, proud, distrustful towards other races,  therefore are reserved, cautious and sometimes offensive. They have very little trust in anyone. Trust has to be earned – and elves have time. They can be gentle and caring, but can also be cruel and merciless.

Understanding and compassionate, the Elves would rather replace anger with joy, hate with love, and war with peace. Their gifts heal, protect and nurture rather than harm.  They are deeply attuned to Gaia and all of her splendor, and prefer to spend time contemplating harmony over havoc. They are good singers and often excellent  musicians and bards.

They hate any creature that does not follow its true nature.
When offended, however (and that they can be easily), they seek revenge rather mercilessly.

Being commonly prey to many races, they are always on their guard.

An elf has three names: their birth name (which becomes irrelevant when they are grown up), the name by which they are commonly known, and their ‘true name’. They do not tell their true name, as to know this name is to have power over them.

Typically, elves have:
– Keen senses – especially hearing
– The ability to focus actively on the environment and a task
– Persistent awareness – they don’t need to stop to pay attention to something
– The ability to camouflage into their NATURAL environment
– Immunity to sleep spells and effects
– Resistance to mind spells.
– Above average willpower
– High intelligence
– An affinity with animals – speak with and sometimes control
– An affinity with natural magic – all elves are magical beings
– Resistance to extremes of temperature
– The ability to move very fast, and silently

Elves normally don’t sleep. They can enter sleep if so desired. This is known as ‘The Reverie’

– Elves feel things more deeply than the other races and are more subject to sorrow
– They have low resistance to disease
– They are proud, and easily offended
– They are compassionate, which may mean being merciful to the wrong person at the wrong moment, thus leading to trouble
– Their empathy, if not well guarded, causes a weak mental state: panic, confusion, headaches, dizziness
– Claustrophobia – afraid of being trapped
– Fire paranoia – it destroys their natural territory, the forest
– Hypersensitive ears – loud noises can make them temporarily deaf
– They are sensitive to alcohol and submit very quickly to its influence
– They can be commanded by any who know their true name

Group: Hini Tel’kemen’Fae