We all know how to be human, don’t we? Perhaps not.

Humans come in many shapes and sizes, and many different ages and stages of life, a fact often overlooked in roleplay.  They are shortlived compared with other races, and so like to live at a fast pace: trying things out, learning new skills, chasing their ambitions.  They are generally gregarious, and form social groups to their mutual benefit, which may clash with one another in a general struggle for power and recognition.  They are intelligent, creative and resourceful; good at solving problems, inventing new things, getting into trouble, getting out of it again. They like to have someone to look up to, but equally someone to look down on.

A typical balanced human society therefore consists of nobles and poor, merchants and artisans, soldiers and scholars, and every shade of occupation in between. They all depend on each other, fall in and out of love and enmity, quarrel and make up, celebrate and mourn together.

In our tudor setting they wear clothing which is as widely variable as the people, from poor peasant dress to extreme finery, but they do wear clothing, covering most of the body.  Skimpy, revealing clothing might be all right for elves, but it is not appropriate in human society.  …Except in the bath house, where modesty may be left at the door for a bath party – especially when the wine is flowing.

Humans tend to be suspicious of people who are not like them, and will base their feelings towards a particular race or class of society on past experiences. So they will always tend to begin with suspicion of a dark Elf or a dragon, if their past experience was bad. Seamen will fear mermaids, housewives may expect mischief from fae.

Humans can learn to fight well, and will fiercely defend those who are precious to them. They have no natural magic skill, but are intrigued by magic and may seek to learn it, possibly disastrously.

All humans in Dee come under the jurisdiction and live under the law, subject to the rules and penalties set out by the Kings of Dee over the centuries. They may choose to be law-abiding citizens, or engage in criminal activities and anti-social behaviour, in which case they will have to accept the consequences.