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( Heart ) The Key to Merfolk Role-play in Dee is the love of water and the freedom water gives you as well as the limits. This race is about the sensuality of the emotions. Love, indifference and frustration are key. Deep, mysterious, shallowness, beauty, fertility, flirtation are also key. Our thirst is quenched, but we hunger.

We would like to see Dee sink and become part of the sea again. Making the Isle of Dee a watery kingdom as far as the eye can see. However we tolerate and sometimes celebrate the land and our cousins the Wylds. Some of us appreciate what land has to offer such as Ponds, Rivers, Waterfalls, Grotto, Lakes, Wells and even Puddles. Some of us are bound to freshwater, others to saltwater and many of us are amphibious.

( Humans ) We tend to have a good relationship with fishermen and sailors. As long as they pay homage or toll to the water. We tolerate pirates, but often we have gone to war with them. We attempt to not just drown but converts humans into merfolk. Humans are also a source of sacrifice for the merfolk. The Throne of the Water and the Fire of the Water have a preference for their blood over other races. Some of us hate boats some of us love them. Many of us are curious about them.

( Other Races ) Merfolks naturally want to exist in harmony with the Wylds. We see them as family and often we might intermarry with them. This pleases the Throne of the Water, if it means more merfolk and displeases the Throne of the Water, if a merfolk is taken away.

( Combat and Power ) Those Of The Water control most if not all aspects of water. Some more than others. Underwater wildlife is fully under their control.  So much so they can cause fishermen to never catch a fish or cause famines. Riding on the backs of sharks or dolphins while combat is also common. Many of us will claim small or large bodies of water in the name of the Throne of the Water preventing none merfolk from drinking or simply having to pay for the privilege of water. However someone us are kind and give water and fish freely.

(Land and Walking ) Some merfolk can walk on land much like humans can swim in water. Similar to werewolves we may transform from watery beasts to humanoid or simply form legs.

Is this painful? This is up to you and your RP, but you should show effort of your transformation.  Always remember your need and connection to water. You may hunger for land but you always thirst for water.

What can trigger your transformation? Like most if not all creature of myth we are ruled by the moon. The moon holds power, secrets and magic for us. The moon can be the source of your transformation.

You possibly are skilled in magic and thus can form legs. Perhaps you have a strong will or change when dry. Perhaps changing is a curse and not a blessing and long for the waters when on land. Whatever your reason make it plausible and realistic as possible. This is your RP. Make the best effort.

(Appearance) It has always been my goal to have verity in the water.Tail, legs, gills, fins that give you flight, petite, monstrous, beautiful, cursed, blessed or strange aquatic skin color. This is your RP and your story. You can look however you want and RP your merfolk your way. Keep in mind that RP is team work so please be open-minded. This is your chance to tell a merfolk story yet to be see. Make it amazing and keep on swimming in the waters of Dee.

*It all depends on the RP. Anything can happen we are not a homogeneous people. I encourage your creativity and uniqueness.

1. Sirens: These Of The Water live on rocks and cliffs by the sea. Related to the Harpy, their song is the song of doom.

2. Tritons: Very similar to mermen if not exactly the same. These merfolk can naturally form legs and walk on land. Their tails have rough armored scales. They protect rivers and water ways.

3. Krakenites: Octopus like these aquatic people are often not peace loving. They are closely related to Nautilites.

4. Nautilites: Covered in Shells these aquatic people are peace loving. They are closely related to Krakenites.

5. Mermaids: Aquatic women of the sea. Usually have tales and/or legs with fins.

6. Mermen: Aquatic men of the sea. Usually have tails and/or legs with fins.

7. Seadrake: Dragons of the sea. Some call them Leviathan.

8. Tide-hunters: These folk are usually small and green. They hunt for food to feed the Throne of the Water.

9. Pisceans: They are more fish than human. They are found in deep water often in pairs or schools. They always seek their “other half”.

10. Nereids: Very similar to mermaids if not exactly the same. These merfolk can naturally form legs and walk on land. Their tails have smooth armored scales. They protect the open sea.

11. Sea Nymph: Watery beings often they are mistaken for drowning humans or elves. Nymph are relatively good natured.

12. Undines: Spirits of the water. Often they are brides of the Throne Of The Water

13. Water Sprites: Fae of the water. Aquatic winged fae.

14. Well Imps: Small watery people that live in or around wells. They often ask for coins if someone wishes to drink from the well they live in.

15. Jenny: A cursed human (usually female) that lives in the deep. They must sacrifice other humans in order to stay young, human and attractive or they suffer becoming ugly beasts of the sea.

16. Finn: A cursed human (usually male) that lives in the deep. They must sacrifice other humans in order to stay young, human and attractive or they suffer becoming ugly beasts of the sea.

17. Selkies: These merfolk appear as seals. Like seals they are playful and generally harmless… unless they remove their seal skin. Selkies must hide their skins. If their skins are stolen or burned they are stuck on land forever. Many female selkies are taken for brides by humans. Many male selkies will kidnap a human. Making them a selkie as well or simply drowning their love interest by mistake. Selkies are very attractive in human form. Selkies love to party at night.

18. Kappa: Humanoid turtle people. Living in rivers. They often enjoy drowning other races. Possibly by mistake but often not.

19. Hippocampus: The water horse.

20. Kelpy: A malevolent water spirit of Scottish legend, usually having the shape of a horse and rejoicing in or causing drownings.

21. Myctophidians: Monstrous fish-people. They can with ease walk on land and water. They are found lurking in dark watery places. They serve The Fire Of The Water as well as The Throne Of The Water.

22: Melusine : a feminine spirit of fresh waters in sacred springs and rivers.
She is usually depicted as a woman who is a serpent or fish from the waist down (much like a mermaid). She is also sometimes illustrated with wings, two tails or both. She is very secretive. She will often romance a human. If the human discovers she is a Melusine she will return to the waters she came from, often for good.

23: Sea Naga: Half snake and in some case half Eel. The Aea Naga is dangerous and takes joy in the dark arts. They usually prefer to eat any life form from land.

(24?) There are more beings, creatures and animals in the water.  If your type is not listed don’t worry! The Throne Of The Water still welcomes you! As long as long as you follow the rules and laws of course.

We love aquatic animal role-players and welcome every chance we can get to play with them.