The untold story – and a prophecy

I, Konrad the keeper of scrolls, have written this account of the events that took place four generations ago, in an attempt to prevent the horror that is to come. Beware, ye who listen to this story – for it is not fiction, but a prophecy of the kingdom to come.

The untold story of King Alberic’s murder

MOTTO: History is written by winners, and Queen Jezia is born of a breed of winners. Let me give voice to those who lost the war and went into oblivion; let me give voice to the truth.

Once, Dee was divided into two kingdoms – that of men and that of Fae. They fought for ages for supremacy, but, at the time our story takes place, goblins were wining the war. They had mastered the magical forces of the island and were making weapons such as no one had ever seen before. These weapons could mould earth and air, master light and fire, twist the mind and play with death.

The human knights were finding it more and more difficult to withstand the goblin attacks and, in the end, came to King Alberic with a desperate request – that he should enlist the help of the Wizard of old –  Kel’yraen. Him only, they said, could counter goblin magic and turn the tide of war.

The King was the successor of a long line of royalty that lead straight to the Paladin who defeated the Dark Elves and claimed Dee for the forces of light. He, thus, refused sternly, swearing he would rather die than bring the evil shadow of a dark elves back into the palace. He rebuked his queen Mathilde when she made the same request and refused to listen to his daughter, Sophia, who begged him to follow the will of his subjects.

Seeing he will never budge, the knights went behind his back and contacted the Wizard anyhow. He promised help and assured them that with a single swift blow the entire goblin army will be decimated. In return, he asked for a terrible price – that the humans should relinquish power to his fourth generation heir that would, one day, come to claim their throne. Queen Mathilde herself signed this treaty in blood, claiming that an improbable dark Elf rule fourth generations from then was still preferable to a sure goblin tyrany then.

But days went by without anything happening. The knights wondered whether the Wizard had actually tricked them – and even more so, when they were alerted that, through a mysterious happening, goblins had found a new and potent stream of magical forces deep inside the mountain. They were seen gathering in large numbers there, to soak their weapons into the stream and become invincible.

And then, the miracle happened – backed up by elves and wyldlings, the Wizard somehow managed to collapse the mountain over the goblin army. Nearly all their forces were crushed, and the few remaining ones, badly injured, gathered into their castle to mount a final resistance.

While the humans rejoiced and prepared for the last, final attack, King Alberic was growing more and more suspicious. Not being able to trust anyone around him, he took off in the middle of the night to talk to Cora Albrecht, one of the leader of the Elves. Albrecht was known for his honesty – so he mentioned to Alberic the secret treaty and revealed that, when the wizard was scheduled to take power, the elves were promised dominion over the whole isle to plant the seeds of mighty sequoia trees.

Alberic was driven mad by the news – he stormed into his castle and accused everyone of betrayal. When he called in the guards to arrest the conspirators, though, he was shocked to see that everyone rallied around Queen Mathilde. They were all in this together – and Alberic was imprisoned in a dark, secret room of his castle, being accused of collaborating with the goblins.

A quick trial followed, and false, paid witnesses mentioned how King Alberic was bewitched by goblin magic and fell in love with the goblin princess. They said they had seen with their eyes how he left the castle each night, and had heard with their own ears her groans of pleasure when he promised her the human kingdom as a wedding gift. The sentence was issued and the execution was swift – King Alberic was beheaded one grey morning in his castle’s yard. Witness accounts say the Wizard watched it all from a castle’s window, hidden behind a curtain.

The same day, the knights stormed the goblin castle and killed everyone. No woman, no child was left alive – all magical weapons were destroyed, and humans sworn they would never be allowed back into Dee. The goblin castle was torn apart, stone by stone – except for the Goblin’s King statue, that inexplicably withstood all the attacks.”

Epilogue: This is a true story. You, who will find it one day, should know that it is also a dangerous story – for it nearly cost me my life. Two nights ago, someone broke into my scriptorium, looking for this very parchment you are holding in your hands – and a woman who caught the perpetrator in the act was nearly killed. They later blamed it all on a giant spider, but i know better – so, the parchment was burried deep in my cave and I am fleeing as we speak. I wish you better luck with this, my unknown friend, and may your gods watch over you…


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