Vampirism (conditional human state)

Vampires in Dee are creatures of darkness.

They are NO RACE but cursed beings who were once human, and now must feed on the blood of humans or animals to replenish their own life force.

The condition of being Vampire MUST be the result of RP and MUST be played in a way leading to character death due being killed.

It can be difficult to identify a vampire, as they are generally human in appearance, but they cannot go out in direct sunlight, and in daylight prefer to be well covered, probably with a deep hood to keep the light out.  They may have red eyes and very pale skin, but can otherwise be attractive and charismatic, which helps them to find prey. A human who has been preyed upon and drained of blood to near the point of death may be ‘turned’, if they can be persuaded to drink some of the vampire’s own blood even as they ‘die’.

In Dee, many of the skills that vampires enjoy in other places do not work: they cannot enter closed rooms, or move in silence, except by normal stealth. And the isle will not let them intrude on people’s minds, to create illusions and ‘glamour’ them.

They can, however, move in an instant from one place to another over short distances, causing people to wonder about them. (This should be rp’d, no HUDs allowed. It may however be managed by tp, as long as this doesn’t involve passing through walls.) Some vampires are able to appear as a large crow, and others as a bat. In these forms they are gifted with flight.

They have a number of weaknesses besides sunlight: they are sensitive to garlic and holy water, do not like running water or fire, and are vulnerable to weapons made of wood, but recover quickly from wounds inflicted by steel. They will not die by the sword, but a stake through the heart will despatch them, as will beheading.  When they are wounded they need to rest in their coffins to recover.  They cannot enter a building, other than a public one, without an invitation from the owner or rightful tenant.

Vampires are dead creatures, therefore they cannot breed. They were once human – other races are not vulnerable to their curse in the same way. It is not possible to be half-vampire: a vampire is a vampire.

((Please note that no Bloodlines or other vampire system is permitted in Dee. Vampirism is to be done purely in rp.  Any shapeshift bat or bird avatar will be checked for appearance and tested for script timing before acceptance.))

– Night vision – can see in near darkness
– Very fast moving – can move from place to place with supernatural speed
– Healing – recover quickly from wounds inflicted by steel
– Flight – when in shifted form of bat or crow

– Allergic response to garlic, holy water and elven blood
– Phobia of running water
– Phobia of fire
– Sunlight causes agony, and death if exposure is prolonged
– Vulnerability to wooden weapons
– Dependency on their coffin for rest and healing

Group: Dalharen d’Oloth


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