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Mudrana Dragonflies & Flies

Estella Mystagic sent me this video , showing where she has put the Mudrana Flies and Dragonflies (and sound ) . What a pretty place she has there. Advertisements

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4 more days for Fantasy Faire 2017!

The official program came to an end, but we have 4 more days ahead for exploring the diverse beauty of the sims, finish the quest (! do eeet !) , shop, donate and have spontaneous parties. And in case you … Continue reading

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Mudrana @ Fantasy Faire 2017

So now . Finally there. Finally the Fairelands are back and here is the SLurl to the beautiful Mudrana sim Luna Barak and I designed this year. Clicking these Photos made by Luna will open them in large on Flickr. … Continue reading

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Lilith’s Den @ Fantasy Faire 2017 !

more Sometimes later today the gates to the Fairelands open once again, and these hours close before opening are always the longest for me. Its the time for last touches and fixes but mainly the time of counting down. So … Continue reading

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Celtic Ogham Stones

I want to introduce this set of ancient stones, and tell a bit about their background. I have to admit, that I myself never heard about Ogham before Bou told me about it. It was him who asked me if … Continue reading

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It’s Twisted Hunt Time again!

Lilith’s Den is proud Sponsor ( amongst others) of Twisted Hunt Spring 2017 Hunt starts here: and runs from March 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017 And here is what I made for you: Main Hunt Gift : Gachas: … Continue reading

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The Big Revision of Innsmouth , SL

Fans and inhabitants raise their desperate voices that are faintly to hear through the mists covering Innsmouth “Why cant I enter/leave the town? ” , “What happened to my beloved Innsmouth?” and ”  Lemme iin!” and “Lemme out!” . A … Continue reading

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