Quests & Hunts

37921510352_3b8bc6f400_bOnce Upon A Mine –
There are rumors about a giant treasure of dwarven origin hidden under Dandelion Daydreams Factory. What ever your motivation is … be it greed, be it adventurousness, you want to claim this treasure! Of course you do not seriously believe that you will encounter actual dwarves – do you?

And once again the makers of the Dandelion Daydreams Factory ask you: Are you brave enough?

The successful adventurer will be rewarded by prizes generously donated
by Dandelion Daydreams Factory. & Sponsors

Game Manual :

Wanted - Gravedigger - A Spooky Game  at Liliths Den
Gravedigger- a spooky game at Lilith’s Den, Autumn/Winter 2016

Gravedigger Wanted  (Lilith’s Den, over)

This game is designed for old and new Lilith’s Den group members.
Get a shovel at the counter and start digging all over Liliths’s Den for ~ 40 gifts.
I will keep it up until end of November.





Krampus Poster 2
31th October 2015 – 31th January 2016

Krampus (DDDF, over)

Your Christmas Nightmare

Story :

You are obsessed with a repeating vivid dream where you get told that someone has written your name in Krampus’ Book, promising you to suffer all kind of hell’s agony before the year is over.  Unable to ignore the dream,  you learn about an expert, Christian Kind, who might have  helpful hints on how to escape the promise and stop the repeating dream.

And once again the makers of the Dandelion Daydreams Factory ask you : Are you brave enough? Of course there are prizes awaiting the bravest of adventurers.

Lost Letters Poster
Start: 15 June 2015

Lost Letters  (DDDF, over)
Long ago in an ancient Lib_ary …
…  a ma_ caught a mou_ _ _ and  _tories got mi_ed up due missin_ letters _nd _ _ _ _ _ !

It is your task, brave hunter, to find the
missing parts and fix the damage. Of course your efforts with be rewarded.



Escape the Room - Chapel of No escape KopieChapel Of No Escape – permanent

Find the entrance in a chest next to Lilith’s Den



Green Rose Manor- Eternal Love - Coming February 2015 ADVGreen Rose Manor – Eternal Love Quest (DDDF, over)



Bone Collector Quest big 1024The Bone Collector Quest –  October ’14  (over, isle of dee)

He was to collect the bones and bring them to the God so he may breathe life back into them. But scared, the Bone Collector ran…
The bones and ingredients are scattered all over the Isle.


IoD PPP Quest big 1024Pestering Pest Plants Quest Hunt  – November ’14   (over, isle of dee)

A Girl is laying as if dead. She breaths low, oh so low…
Glassy her skin she fades away, In her small hand a mushroom.
Can you save her life and with that the whole land ?



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