Cryer #151

Two overheard conversations recently have raised, initially, concern and then confusion. The first, when some Wyldings and their Cora were talking about the lack of food amongst the humans. The worrying part of this conversation was that it was gleaned they were trying to discover the whereabouts of the Human’s foodstore. It seemed from what … More Cryer #151

Cryer #150

Seems our security fails us. The drow, the same one that dragged me to the underdark’s cave and tortured me for almost three days, was seen INSIDE the walls. After seeing her on top of the tavern, I ran to the city bell and pulled the string multiple times. No guards showed up, not even … More Cryer #150

Cryer Issue #149

The signs that once hung on the castle wall and the bathhouse are now laying on the ground by the tavern covered in something red. Who took them down? Why? And what is the red substance covering them? * Tuesday at 1:30pm SLT, there was an important meeting to find solutions on the hunger in … More Cryer Issue #149

Cryer Issue #148

The horse is dead!!! “I came upon the square and noticed that the horse was laying on its side.  As I got closer I could see the pool of blood and claw marks down the side fo the animal.  There were some sort of odd footprints leading away from it.  It is thought that the … More Cryer Issue #148

Cryer Issue #147

Bardic Circle, Monday 1pm SLT This week’s theme is “Food”, but feel free to bring any poem, song or story. Or,  just come and relax by the Big Tree Stump. * Today at the Bardic Circle, Delice suggested a plan that she thinks will solve Dee’s hunger problems. She suggests that whatever food we obtain … More Cryer Issue #147

Cryer Issue #146

Citizens of the isle of Dee, As problems come to your hands, you should not stand front of the fear and show yourself as heros, because you are not. As the days coming, the problems are growing and your only solutions are to give up or run. What is your solution? What do you choose? … More Cryer Issue #146

Cryer Issue #145

MEETING COLLAPSES INTO CHAOS Tempers grew heated at the meeting in the castle to decide how to proceed with the running of the city in the queen’s absence. The meeting began with the discovery of a letter lying on top of the Alberic crown inside its case. The letter was written on strange thick parchmentlike … More Cryer Issue #145