Cryer # 198

RIVEN DEAD The man we knew as ” The Fool” , brother to many and long time resident of the Isle is dead. There is rumor of his death as well as what happened after that to his body was all but natural. There seems no physical corpse remaining for a funeral, and if we … More Cryer # 198

Cryer # 197

************************************************** TRADITIONAL SAINT VITUS FESTIVAL ************************************************** Hear ye Hear ye! Traditionally, the  celebrate St Vitus Day with a Festival of games, shows, competitions, wondrous wonders, surprising surprises! Friday , 14th of June- Sunday, 16th of June. The Official Program starts with SILENT THE MENTALIST two hours before noon. Watch out for Announcements of the City … More Cryer # 197

!?? BLOOD ??!

Anyone passing close to the Lighthouse would be startled to hear a woman’s voice cursing loudly ” Damed puke everywhere..on me…my clothes…DAMN…even on the bedding!…Curse that stinkin ale!”the continued cursing could now be heard from any open window in the village…the most frequent words being hear were…” curse that damed ale!”in an even more strident … More !?? BLOOD ??!

Cryer Issue #148

The horse is dead!!! “I came upon the square and noticed that the horse was laying on its side.  As I got closer I could see the pool of blood and claw marks down the side fo the animal.  There were some sort of odd footprints leading away from it.  It is thought that the … More Cryer Issue #148

Cryer Issue #133

THIEF AT LARGE? Staff at the castle have reported noticing a shortage of eggs. At first it was thought that the hens had simply stopped laying, but now it appears that a hen has gone missing. Citizens are asked to watch out for the absent bird, in case she has wandered off and got lost; … More Cryer Issue #133