The Quiet Guardian

Dhuanolil stretches out on the floor of the Underdark’s throne room, near the steps so he can hopefully hear anyone entering the area. The silence is long and eerie, and the boy keeps his dagger close; but loyal to the creature which hides within the shadows, the boy remains. He drifts off into reverie on … More The Quiet Guardian

Cryer # 198

RIVEN DEAD The man we knew as ” The Fool” , brother to many and long time resident of the Isle is dead. There is rumor of his death as well as what happened after that to his body was all but natural. There seems no physical corpse remaining for a funeral, and if we … More Cryer # 198

Cryer #167 – Fruitful Maiden and Royal Dark Elves

* SPOOK The countless Pumpkins that flooded down the streets of the haunted City are collected by many brave men and women. It will  also seem the ghosts are released now. The ghost ship is gone, too. The bell that disturbed the beauty of the village since many months is now surprisingly peaceful -though smaller … More Cryer #167 – Fruitful Maiden and Royal Dark Elves