Cryer # 201

**** STOP PRESS ! **** EARTHQUAKE OVER? A deathly silence hung over the island as suddenly, the tremors stopped and the rumbling noise that had plagued the isle for so long ceased. The silence, almost deafening in its suddenness, was finally broken by the song of a bird, first one, then as others joined in … More Cryer # 201

Cryer #160

Is it Time to Prepare for the Fourth Generation? According to history, Queen Mathilde signed a pact with the Dark Elf Wizard, Kel’yraen, to rid the isle of the terrible goblins. The wizard would get rid of the golbins in return for the Queens word that in four generatins, his heir would sit on the … More Cryer #160

Cryer Issue #149

The signs that once hung on the castle wall and the bathhouse are now laying on the ground by the tavern covered in something red. Who took them down? Why? And what is the red substance covering them? * Tuesday at 1:30pm SLT, there was an important meeting to find solutions on the hunger in … More Cryer Issue #149

Cryer Issue #145

MEETING COLLAPSES INTO CHAOS Tempers grew heated at the meeting in the castle to decide how to proceed with the running of the city in the queen’s absence. The meeting began with the discovery of a letter lying on top of the Alberic crown inside its case. The letter was written on strange thick parchmentlike … More Cryer Issue #145