Dee Cryer number 204

The Cryer boy staggers across the bridge with the latest edition on his back moaning to himself “why is this one so thick and heavy?” drops the pile  onto the ground with a thump and then shouts for everyone to hear “Cryer 204, latest copy, come and get it!”

– The Cryer Paperboy (Dee Cryer No. 203 is out! )

The Cryer Paperboy runs around the back of the Tavern panting from his exertions; stopping he stares out to sea and then his bottom lip quivers and turning he runs into the Tavern wailing “Miss Elizabeth, Miss Elizabeth, the Whale is gone” holds out the Paper “Look it is in the Cryer with a picture … More – The Cryer Paperboy (Dee Cryer No. 203 is out! )

The Cryer Boy

The Cryer boy sneaks out from the bushes having covered himself in green dye. Then he runs through the City distributing the cryer, calling out “whooo hooo it is the Goblin comin to get yer……. read all about it!” Get it now, the newest cryer issue at the cryer dispensers all over the Isle of … More The Cryer Boy

Isle of Dee Cryer no. 196

The Cryer boy glances into the Tavern and giggles and starts running around throwing the Cryer into the news stands , shouting “Baaa Baaa white sheep come and read the Cryer” _________________ You can get the new issue now at every cryer box , that you find all over the Sim.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Read your news here, gossip, strange weather, trading and fears.  Will you hide or join in with your fellow players to deal with impending DOOM!! Grab your copy of The Cryer no.164 from any of the kiosks.

Cryer #163

When walking out in the fresh air, this reporter spies a white-tailed blond mermaid crawling out of the water and toward the town. Following quietly so as not to alert the mer, she watches her crawl around, looking about her as she pulls herself along the ground. After about 10 minutes, this reporter follows the … More Cryer #163

Cryer Issue #145

MEETING COLLAPSES INTO CHAOS Tempers grew heated at the meeting in the castle to decide how to proceed with the running of the city in the queen’s absence. The meeting began with the discovery of a letter lying on top of the Alberic crown inside its case. The letter was written on strange thick parchmentlike … More Cryer Issue #145