Once Upon A Mine

We are back with a new quest adventure! It begins on Saturday, the 4th , around noon SLT and you are heartily invited to be one of the first crash test bunnies brave souls to dare entering the maze. That is, if you find it. Once Upon A Mine There are rumors about a giant … More Once Upon A Mine

4 Rooms

A mini quest! For Twisted Hunt* I make it my personal task to provide a fancy side quest/hunt each time. You find the entrance to the quest by following the twisted cubes path. Once you entered, you find yourself in four rooms…well actually five, if you want to count the entrance hall too. Your task … More 4 Rooms

Fantasy Cream is here!

Welcome to the fifth Fantasy Cream ๐Ÿ™‚ All Hunt Locations Are here : http://www.fantasycream.org/locations/ General questions are answered here : http://www.fantasycream.org/hunters/ The first stop and a chance to WIN prizes due voting for your favorite brand new Exclusive Product is here at the Fantasy Cream Market: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dandelion/137/119/26 The HUNT ITEM that you look for is … More Fantasy Cream is here!

Message In A Bottle

Guess who is almost done with redesigning their store? Yes! It’s me! There is still bits that need adjustment, but basically its pretty much done now. Which is good, as there are Events ahead that require my attention. But right now! There is that one Event that requires YOUR attention: Fantasy Cream is up and … More Message In A Bottle