Cryer Issue #149

The signs that once hung on the castle wall and the bathhouse are now laying on the ground by the tavern covered in something red. Who took them down? Why? And what is the red substance covering them? * Tuesday at 1:30pm SLT, there was an important meeting to find solutions on the hunger in … More Cryer Issue #149

Cryer Issue #143

BREAKING NEWS!!! In a shock turn last night servants and guards at the castle watched as the Minister, Philippe Miller, carried the queen from her bed to the docks, to a waiting boat, to take her from the Isle on the next tide. His wife Ginny was seen remonstrating with him, furious at this turn … More Cryer Issue #143

Cryer Issue #138

MASTER RIVEN POSSESSED? Master Lex Zimmer reports that Master Riven visited his carpentry shop last night. He wasn’t pleased to see him because of the way he had acted the previous night to Cora Runa and the other women present. The conversation was informal but then he became strange – stranger, that is. His voice … More Cryer Issue #138

Cryer Issue #129

KITIARA RESCUED FROM VAMPIRE! News has just reached the office of The Cryer that Miss Kitiara, serving girl in The Cock-a-Hoop, has been rescued from captivity by the vampire. Minister Philippe Miller, his wife Ginny, and Master Merthyn Vintner chose a light, clear evening to make their way down into the Abbey Crypt where they … More Cryer Issue #129