Cryer # 208- 211

The past months have been a bit of a roller-coaster, enjoyable for the most part, but pretty chaotic as well… Earlier this year we decided to alter the concept of the Isle of Dee. ( see text in bottom of this post) While Kyra all alone begun to change the Design of the Isle towards … More Cryer # 208- 211

Cryer # 207

** STOP PRESS ** Happy Anniversary – Long Live The People of Isle Of Dee A Week of Celebration is ahead in celebration of our adventures through the flood, ourlanding at our new home and the Troll Magic. We have been allowed to have a sneaky peek at the planners table. And we can tell, … More Cryer # 207

Cryer # 206

*** STOP PRESS *** Invasion! They came over night and left as sneakingly as they came. Who they are is unknown, but what they left is plain to see. An Impaled head tells as much as that someone left a message and beds and supplies have been left behind seemingly in a hurry. The shape … More Cryer # 206


A sleepy town cryer is dragged out of his office by two guards to the center of the village square,poking him hard into the ribs ” Read!” –  so he does, opening the parchment he reads aloud : “We hereby decree Dia Latour as acting governor, leader and regent of St Vitus village. As daughter … More Decree

A Soft Ruckus Echoes

Anyone who was close enough may have heard the sounds of dragging crates and logs and the sound of dropping wood on wood echoing behind an alley way of the human village. After several minutes of this the door to the mines from the village was blocked.


Rumors begin to spread of an oncoming wedding. Some people say that rings have been found, and a dress is being made. Is it true, however? Or is it all a joke…? No one yet knows when it is supposed to happen, only that the time is drawing near.