Beach Day

Games and stories at the beach all day , Today,  Wednesday 18th of December . Everyone of every race is invited to stop by, share a story, play a game, and have some fun (what ever your character thinks to be “fun ” – surprise us :))

Cryer # 201

**** STOP PRESS ! **** EARTHQUAKE OVER? A deathly silence hung over the island as suddenly, the tremors stopped and the rumbling noise that had plagued the isle for so long ceased. The silence, almost deafening in its suddenness, was finally broken by the song of a bird, first one, then as others joined in … More Cryer # 201

Cryer # 199

************************************************** I S L E – O F – D E E – C R Y E R ************************************************** ****  STOP PRESS ! **** FOUL MURDER – IN TOWN SQUARE When dawn broke over the isle this morning, early risers would have seen smoke rising from a pile of charred timbers where once a set … More Cryer # 199