Time for the next round of Fair Play – Emerald City. April1 – April 27 And its not just some new round…it is the Birthday round , because Fair Play celebrates its first Birthday. One year Fair Play , this smells of cake and presis! The ‘playground’ is filled up -and I mean ! FILLED … More andúnë


  A rumble vibrates the air across the entire island; it is especially powerful near the Drow caves, so intense that the ground trembles. Those who are sensitive to magic might notice a change in the atmosphere. Everywhere — from Unseelie territory to the Seelie area, from Wyldings’ land to the Human village — is … More “Uh-oh”

Dark Prayers..

The days go on and activity within the caves grow; the incoherent mutterings of the Matron from within the tunnels turn into words of the Drow tongue, chanting a prayer. The macabre whispers are carried through the breeze that flows through the forests and beach. Those with sensitive hearing may pick up on what is … More Dark Prayers..


****** Medieval Fantasy Fair ” CIRCUS ” – Last Weekend Come one come all – Do the cannonball ride Visit the enchanted forest Sights you’ve never seen before Hunt  –  Games  –  Prizes  –  Merriment 5. & 6. October ****** Sunday,   October, 6th, Noon SLT  ( 12 pm SLT ) ••• CHANGHIGH SISTERS FIRESHOW of … More ••• CHANGHIGH SISTERS FIRESHOW of LIGHT, LIFE and LOVE •••