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The Big Revision of Innsmouth , SL

Fans and inhabitants raise their desperate voices that are faintly to hear through the mists covering Innsmouth “Why cant I enter/leave the town? ” , “What happened to my beloved Innsmouth?” and ”  Lemme iin!” and “Lemme out!” . A … Continue reading

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The End Is Near – Or Not?

Innsmouth has been a true landmark of Second Life for years, and for many it is the first exposure to the work of the fantastic horror author H. P. Lovecraft. And it is paid from donations ! Time stands still … Continue reading

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Cthulhu Powers for Runa – Innsmouth And Its Pleasures

Today I wander through Innsmouth for some quest inspiration and it happens what almost always happens to me when I go there: I end up in light roleplay. Short neat scenes, bare any rules, just for the fun of it. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mister Lovecraft – And Welcome To The 4th Annual Love Fest in Second Life

I waited sooo long for posting this ! And tomorrow – 15th August 2015- the festival starts eventually . Who is Mister Lovecraft actually, some of you may ask. Well, let me be lazy and copy paste: “HOWARD PHILLIPS LOVECRAFT … Continue reading

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A normal and a very likely day in Innsmouth

There are sims that you can not forget, even if you visited them only one single time. There are sims that everybody seems to know, because they were that long around. And there are sims with names that we relate … Continue reading

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