Cryer # 197

************************************************** TRADITIONAL SAINT VITUS FESTIVAL ************************************************** Hear ye Hear ye! Traditionally, the  celebrate St Vitus Day with a Festival of games, shows, competitions, wondrous wonders, surprising surprises! Friday , 14th of June- Sunday, 16th of June. The Official Program starts with SILENT THE MENTALIST two hours before noon. Watch out for Announcements of the City … More Cryer # 197

Cryer #167 – Fruitful Maiden and Royal Dark Elves

* SPOOK The countless Pumpkins that flooded down the streets of the haunted City are collected by many brave men and women. It will  also seem the ghosts are released now. The ghost ship is gone, too. The bell that disturbed the beauty of the village since many months is now surprisingly peaceful -though smaller … More Cryer #167 – Fruitful Maiden and Royal Dark Elves

Cryer Issue #135

BODY FOUND AT LIGHTHOUSE Further mystery at the lighthouse came yesterday when a corpse was found, lying on barrels on the platform at the door to Dart Chaffe’s inn. It was discovered late yesterday by Minister Philippe Miller and his wife, Ginny, and Miss Cali, new to this town. The body was in an advanced … More Cryer Issue #135

Cryer Issue #134

CHAFFES BRING LAW SUIT AGAINST MINISTER AND VINTNER Lighthouse keeper, bard and tavern keeper, Dart Chaffe, has brought a law suit against Queen’s Minister, Philippe Miller, and against Master Merthyn Vintner. The suit is for compensation for his wife, Lotte, who is said to have broken a tooth last week, whilst eating bread at the … More Cryer Issue #134