Cryer #184

* COUNCIL After much discussion on the subject, a plan for the Council of Leadership for the Humans of Dee has been proposed. These are the members who have been agreed upon so far: -Cali the fierce girl of Dee -Marco the guard -Yaron the blacksmith -Jessie the herbalist Those involved are in agreement that … More Cryer #184

Cryer #182

* SOAP & WATER A delegation of  town women cornered the village urchin Kris this week and forced him to bathe with warm water and soap. After undergoing this traumatic event he was presented with a set of new clothes courtesy of Jessie the herbalist. Kris can now be approached without holding ones nose. Richard … More Cryer #182

Cryer #181

* URGENT NOTICE The young girl, Drindel, was found by Jessie, and now rests in her shop. The girl is very ill and we do not know where her parents might be. If you happen to know, or if you are the parents of this young girl, please contact either Jessie or me so we … More Cryer #181

Cryer #180

* FACING A BOAR DEE STYLE There are alarming reports of a huge boar loose in the woods near to town. This most dangerous creature has even been spotted drinking from the trough outside the Cock a Hoop Tavern. Indeed, worse, the City Guard Marco appeared to be having a slight altercation with the Cora, … More Cryer #180