Cryer #188

*  OLD AND NEW COCK A HOOP The Cock a Hoop tavern by the gates is closed due to circumstances that cannot be fixed, but moved to the old hotel building, that the elderly of Dee claim to recognize as the original Cock A Hoop. Willow informs to be delighted that the new location is … More Cryer #188

Cryer #186

* THE VOTES ARE IN The winner of the vote, and new head of the human council of Dee is the fierce young miss Cali! The Cryer Editors congratulate ! Now we all hold our breath to hear an official statement of the Head of Council, who will claim the other seats at the council … More Cryer #186

Cryer #184

* COUNCIL After much discussion on the subject, a plan for the Council of Leadership for the Humans of Dee has been proposed. These are the members who have been agreed upon so far: -Cali the fierce girl of Dee -Marco the guard -Yaron the blacksmith -Jessie the herbalist Those involved are in agreement that … More Cryer #184

Cryer #183

* MONDAY IN THE COCK A HOOP Old and young came together to sit by the warming fire in the tavern when the local drunk and bard Dart surprised with a romantic fairy poem. Miss Esmeralda , despite her pouting not to have been kissed by the Bard, shared two interesting though strange tales. But … More Cryer #183

Wednesday Wylds RP Event : Sangen ten’Am en Lina (To gather for Tale and Song)

The Children of Gaia in the wilderness of Dee invite all pure Fae and Elves from near and far to gather and share life , meal, drink and laughter. Storyteller, Bards and Musicians within the wyldkin from far and near gather for a pleasure-some merriment. We share fairy tales and pagan legends, Celtic stories, songs … More Wednesday Wylds RP Event : Sangen ten’Am en Lina (To gather for Tale and Song)

Cryer Issue #138

MASTER RIVEN POSSESSED? Master Lex Zimmer reports that Master Riven visited his carpentry shop last night. He wasn’t pleased to see him because of the way he had acted the previous night to Cora Runa and the other women present. The conversation was informal but then he became strange – stranger, that is. His voice … More Cryer Issue #138