Cryer # 208- 211

The past months have been a bit of a roller-coaster, enjoyable for the most part, but pretty chaotic as well… Earlier this year we decided to alter the concept of the Isle of Dee. ( see text in bottom of this post) While Kyra all alone begun to change the Design of the Isle towards … More Cryer # 208- 211

Cryer # 198

RIVEN DEAD The man we knew as ” The Fool” , brother to many and long time resident of the Isle is dead. There is rumor of his death as well as what happened after that to his body was all but natural. There seems no physical corpse remaining for a funeral, and if we … More Cryer # 198

Cryer #183

* MONDAY IN THE COCK A HOOP Old and young came together to sit by the warming fire in the tavern when the local drunk and bard Dart surprised with a romantic fairy poem. Miss Esmeralda , despite her pouting not to have been kissed by the Bard, shared two interesting though strange tales. But … More Cryer #183

Monday 2 pm SLT : Human Bardic – Everyone invited. (Even Fae?)

After being forced to war by the child queen that claimed to be the heir to the throne of Alberic, the Fae took up with the challenge and now the once huge city is overgrown with forest. Nobody knows how and why the queen fell into a deep magical sleep and whether she got kidnapped … More Monday 2 pm SLT : Human Bardic – Everyone invited. (Even Fae?)

Cryer #160

Is it Time to Prepare for the Fourth Generation? According to history, Queen Mathilde signed a pact with the Dark Elf Wizard, Kel’yraen, to rid the isle of the terrible goblins. The wizard would get rid of the golbins in return for the Queens word that in four generatins, his heir would sit on the … More Cryer #160

Cryer Issue #143

BREAKING NEWS!!! In a shock turn last night servants and guards at the castle watched as the Minister, Philippe Miller, carried the queen from her bed to the docks, to a waiting boat, to take her from the Isle on the next tide. His wife Ginny was seen remonstrating with him, furious at this turn … More Cryer Issue #143

Cryer Issue #142

Eggs have been stolen from the castle again, among them a clutch that was left in the henhouse to be hatched by the mother in order to increase the chicken population. Anyone seen acting suspiciously in the castle courtyard should be reported to the guards. Thank you. Signed – Castle staff * I have been … More Cryer Issue #142