Cryer #162

Someone overheard a squabble between Aewenil…that new lady..that wanted to open the butcher shop. Oh how Lex made fun of her when she went to visit to buy his produce…tellin her ..why would they buy from her..when they get it free from him. I hear she swished her skirts and left and moved right out. … More Cryer #162

Cryer Issue #148

The horse is dead!!! “I came upon the square and noticed that the horse was laying on its side.  As I got closer I could see the pool of blood and claw marks down the side fo the animal.  There were some sort of odd footprints leading away from it.  It is thought that the … More Cryer Issue #148

Cryer Issue #141

Rat in the Kitchen! – Cali I was in the tavern having a conversation with Riven and Pippa when a large white rat snuck in and started eating the apples. I went to get myself an apple, and saw it. Then Pippa and I started chasing it around the tavern, while Riven tried defending the … More Cryer Issue #141