A rumble vibrates the air across the entire island; it is especially powerful near the Drow caves, so intense that the ground trembles. Those who are sensitive to magic might notice a change in the atmosphere. Everywhere — from Unseelie territory to the Seelie area, from Wyldings’ land to the Human village — is … More “Uh-oh”

Beach Day

Games and stories at the beach all day , Today,  Wednesday 18th of December . Everyone of every race is invited to stop by, share a story, play a game, and have some fun (what ever your character thinks to be “fun ” – surprise us :))

The Quiet Guardian

Dhuanolil stretches out on the floor of the Underdark’s throne room, near the steps so he can hopefully hear anyone entering the area. The silence is long and eerie, and the boy keeps his dagger close; but loyal to the creature which hides within the shadows, the boy remains. He drifts off into reverie on … More The Quiet Guardian

Dark Prayers..

The days go on and activity within the caves grow; the incoherent mutterings of the Matron from within the tunnels turn into words of the Drow tongue, chanting a prayer. The macabre whispers are carried through the breeze that flows through the forests and beach. Those with sensitive hearing may pick up on what is … More Dark Prayers..

A Delegation Of Elves

A delegation of elves could in the earlier morning hours be seen -and well heard due to them speaking openly – entering the walled city with bundles under their arms. Snippets of their talks that might have been caught by those sleeping with open windows: “Where does the hunter reside…?”- “… look in thier libraries … More A Delegation Of Elves

Dark Matters

A dark, horrific laugh, dripping with sinister tones flood out of the caves and into the surrounding forest, flowing through the trees. Those nearby the caves would hear with little problem, while those with sensitive hearing managing to pick up the sounds from further distances. What is going on?